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I’m looking at getting a new bow. Right now I have a Browning Midas that I bought used. It only shoots 40 lbs. and I was looki

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  • I’m looking at getting a new bow. Right now I have a Browning Midas that I bought used. It only shoots 40 lbs. and I was looki

    I’m looking at getting a new bow. Right now I have a Browning Midas that I bought used. It only shoots 40 lbs. and I was looking at getting one that shoots 50-60 lbs (it will be used mostly for deer). I’ve been looking at Bear or PSE ready-to-hunt packages. Is there another brand that I should be looking for? I would like to keep the cost under $600. Thanks in advance for your help!

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    My oldest son and I started bow hunting 2 years ago. I had the same $600 limit you do. I went to the local Bass Pro and shot every package bow they had in that price range. I found the Martin Pantera to suit me the best. My son had about $400 to spend and ended up buying a Parker Blazer package after shooting all of them in that range. They have both performed flawlessly for us the last two seasons.


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      Yeah, Bear, Parker, PSE, and Martin all make good bargain bows, although I've heard some of Parker's models can be a bit cheaply made. But if it was me,I would look seriously at Diamond, which is a bargain line made by Bowtech, and I've heard they are nearly as good as the high-priced Bowtechs, only much cheaper.


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        I agree with huntfishtrap,
        Check out diamond as well.


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          I have a Bear "Charge" as my starter bow. The entire set-up cost me $400. I shoot 2" groups at 40-yards, and have arrowed deer with no problems out to 35-yards.
          Lord knows I am no Robin Hood. The bow has served me well for a year, and I am in no hurry to "upgrade."


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            Mission bows are good beginner bows that run around $350 for the bow and you'll have $250 to put into your accessories. They are a Matthews brand. I have the Mission X3. Don't get caught up in the hype of the bow Nazi's, a "beginner" bow will do everything their bow will do except break the bank!


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              Diamond is a good bow. Thats what I have and started out with.


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                I would recommend looking at a diamond bow by bowtech. They offer some really fast bows most of them under 400 dollars.




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