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What are the best steps to take and products to use to mask human scent?

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  • What are the best steps to take and products to use to mask human scent?

    What are the best steps to take and products to use to mask human scent?

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    In all honesty I do not use any products. All I do is use scentless deoderant and make sure I rinse off in the shower real good.
    -I think a good scent-blocking base layer is all you need if anything. You can use scentless laundry detergent as well.
    -Way I see it, indians killed animals for hundreds of years with a longbow without any scent blocking stuff and they hardly even bathed.


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      Scent control is one of those issues that polarizes hunters. We tend to either believe it's essential or it's useless. I take the middle road - I know I can never eliminate my scent, but if I can block it enough to win an extra 5, or 10 or 20 yards from a deer, then my job is a lot easier, at least with a bow. I'm curious if anyone has tried the RZ Mask that is supposed to filter breath from the nose and mouth. In my experience, my own exhaust (from the anterior, not the posterior!) is the Achilles heel of scent control.

      Andrew McKean


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        JM if you read in to that go for it! they used fox,Bear,
        Deer Glands to mask there odor they were just smarter
        then us back in the day. And yes I use scent blocker
        and Camo had deer walk up to me less then 10'look at me and just walk a way! it all works.


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          I think Andy may have come closest to the answer.

          It wasn't too long ago that I saw Mythbusters (I think) hide items in "odorproof" containers, and had a dog try and find the items.

          Now, I think that it's common knowledge that animals have a far keener sense of smell than we do.

          Well, the dog found every item immediately. So, my uHMO is that if you feel that it works, fine. I personally don't feel a need for it.

          I'll bet the manufacturers are laughing their heads off on the way to the bank, though...!!

          As an aside, I'm fileing "scentproof" right next to bulletproof, fireproof and unsinkable...!! LOL


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            THE best steps to take lead you up a tree or J HOOK UPWIND.ALTHOUGH masking scents help,with out the basics ,time spent on stand often results in fewer sightings and oppourtunities to shoot.




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