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I recently aquired a Remington Model 722 in .244 Remington. I am just wondering if any of you know anything about the .244. I

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  • I recently aquired a Remington Model 722 in .244 Remington. I am just wondering if any of you know anything about the .244. I

    I recently aquired a Remington Model 722 in .244 Remington. I am just wondering if any of you know anything about the .244. I know absolutely NOTHING about it, but it was such a good looking rifle I just had to have it for the price he wanted. Any information will help. -Also where can I find ammunition for it.

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    The 244 was replaced with the 6mm you should find out the twist rate of the barrel this is what the problem was the twist rate was not good for heavy bullets for deer, check out some loading manuals they have all kinds of info on them. JM I will dig out my loading manual and tell you more about it later.


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      I had a friend that hunted with this cartridge. It was Remington's answer to the 243 but it never really caught on.


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        It has a 1 in 12 twist. Like you said 25-06, I heard that the 100 grain bullet was just too much for the 1 in 12 twist. People using the .244 preferred a 90 grain. My friend told me the 100 grain 6mm bullets are not accurate at all in a .244.
        -DSM, I read that it actually did extremely well as a varmit rifle, but it lost most of its popularity because people could not use it for anything bigger such as a deer.


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          JM I looked at a few loading manuals if you want to shoot 100gr bullets try the Speer or Hornady 100gr round nose bullet the length of the bullet is shorter than a spire point and they say it will stabilize with the 1 in 12 twist, or I would try the Barnes 80gr TTSX or the 85gr TSX I know the 85gr Barnes hammer deer. Good luck, that is a sweet heart caliber.


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            I ordered all the stuff I need for re-loading. Going to test a few different grain bullets...just gotta find the right one I suppose.


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              The Rem/244 was a DOG as DMSbirddog the Bbl. twist was too slow, Do your salf a favor have re-Barrel it to the 6MM/Rem NOW that SMOKES the 243Win by 200+
     what you saved on the gun ..spend on a new Bbl.just saying...Merry Christmas..Ya'll




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