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Missed a giant buck yesterday from 30 yards away with my bow. I have been practicing that distance for three years now, have kil

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  • Missed a giant buck yesterday from 30 yards away with my bow. I have been practicing that distance for three years now, have kil

    Missed a giant buck yesterday from 30 yards away with my bow. I have been practicing that distance for three years now, have killed deer at that distance and am VERY comfortable shooting out there. However this shot was different as it was down a steep slope. I released the arrow and saw if fly over his back. How does shooting downhill affect the arrow path. Should I have aimed lower then my usual 30 yard pin?

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    Gravity effects the arrow. When shooting downhill aim alittle bit low and when shooting uphill aim alittle bit high. I suggest practicing these shots(shooting down/up a steep hill) just so you know where you need to aim if the situation comes up again. Dont worry your not the first to do this ive done it too.


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      Gravity certainly does affect an arrow, but whether uphill or down the actual distance the arrow has to travel is less than the distance up or down the hill. Go back to Pythagorean's theorem. The only way this would make much of a difference is if it's a very steep hill, but either way shoot low. This would be much easier if I could draw a picture. Rather than thinking about how far the deer is from you up in the tree think about how far the deer is from the base of your tree.


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        I appologize...Levi is correct. I havent had to do it in so long that I forgot you also shoot low when shooting uphill. Again though, practice these kind of shots so you are ready when the time comes.


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          It depends on how you sight in you bow. If you sight in shooting at a level slope then aim uphill it will tend to shoot under and downhill will tend to shoot over, at a level plain it will shoot strait. Sighting in at a downhill plane will make everthing shoot under except when when you are shooting downhill. Sighting in at a uphill plane will make everything shoot over except when you are shooting uphill.

          Hope this helps.


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            Yeah, Levi is correct, you definitely need to hold low on steep shots, whether the angle is up or down, because gravity has less of an effect on something already being propelled down, and I am not 100% sure of the science on the up angle, but in my experience you do need to hold low on them too. How much low to hold depends on the angle, you pretty much either need to do some practicing at different angles, or buy a rangefinder that automatically compensates for the angle.


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              I bought a range finder that calculates the angle into the shot and gives you the 'shooting distance'. I have been amazed. 500 yds equates into 250 at a steep enough angle. There is no way I could guesstimate that shot and would probably miss. Just remember the 'real' distance is still 500 (or whatever) and wind and shooting errors are still going to make it a long shot!


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