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A week ago (october 8th) I was consistently seeing deer everywhere. Now (oct 15) I haven't seen a single deer in a week. Where d

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  • A week ago (october 8th) I was consistently seeing deer everywhere. Now (oct 15) I haven't seen a single deer in a week. Where d

    A week ago (october 8th) I was consistently seeing deer everywhere. Now (oct 15) I haven't seen a single deer in a week. Where did they all go!?!?!?

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    Could be so many things....change of weather may have the deer somewhere else...lack of rain? may of needed to move for water....the rut is starting and deer arent all in a group anymore...may be becoming nocturnal due to the moon light changing...idk could just be too many things to know specifically.


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      Sometimes I think they go into caves, but they don't have to. They just dive into thickets, briar patches and swampy areas and don't come out until full dark. As JM1993 stated, "IDK".
      I've seen turkeys do it in the spring, too.


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        Two words...october lull. Give it a week or two depending on the conditions and you'll start to see some rutting activity.


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          The anti hunting crowd are offering deer free transport to safe zones in parks and unused football and baseball fields. The transport trailers are air conditioned with complimentary organic alfalfa served with icy cold spring water. Each deer is issued a clean straw bed upon disembarking. Their motto and sign reads, "Better fed and a bed then dead." Mystery solved!


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            Like booner said, October lull, it makes a huge difference in deer movement. Here in Iowa, it starts about October 7th and ends about the 20th, and the weather doesn't seem to make a big difference in movement, cold or warm the deer just aren't visible.


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              Yeah, I heard the same thing Kody and apparently it is true, drove past a football field yesterday and it was full of deer lounging around.
              However the word went out and the entire H.S. football team charged the field with a full contingent of the local sportsman club members acting as blockers.....
              Well now there is a big venison feed going on at the club.




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