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I’m looking at buying a new rifle for deer hunting in South Dakota. I’ve never bought a rifle before (just used my dad’s hand-m

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  • I’m looking at buying a new rifle for deer hunting in South Dakota. I’ve never bought a rifle before (just used my dad’s hand-m

    I’m looking at buying a new rifle for deer hunting in South Dakota. I’ve never bought a rifle before (just used my dad’s hand-me-down) and was wondering what a good caliber would be. I’ve looked at .243 and .270 and am kind of leaning more towards the .270. What is the main difference between the two? What are some good models to look at? I would like to keep it under $700 for the rifle and scope (I don’t know how realistic that is). A local gun shop had a Remington Model 700 for $525 and a Redfield or Nikon 3x9 scope for $150. Is that a pretty good deal or should I shop around more? Also, what grain of bullet should I use? Thanks for your help!

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    The 270 packs more of a punch for deer and won't loose as much steam at extended ranges. The 243 is also a good caliber but if your hunting deer the 270 would be a better choice. As far as your price range you should be able to find something for $700, the remington 700 is a great rifle, check out a Savage or a Ruger, as for the scopes the new redfields are made in the Luepold factory and you can't go wrong with that. The 270 really shines with a 130gr bullet, pick up a reloading manual and do some reading, the manuals are full of great info. Good luck.


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      My friend in camp double lunged a deer with a 243 years ago and it still went over 250 yards...personally i dont think it packs enough of a punch.
      Another thing though is that a buddy of mine had a 300$ savage 111 rifle in 7mm mag. With the money he saved on rifle he got a much better scope and he was shooting better than any of our 700$+ rifle

      If you have the time test different brands of ammunition and different bullet weights, most of the time your rifle will have a "favorite"


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        I,VE always figured the .243 on the low end for deer ,the .270 is not in this debate as it is a proven caliber.


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          If I was going to buy a new rifle for deer, I would not go for the 243. It is a fine caliber for close range, but it really just doesn't have the punch. 270 is a good round also, but if you are going to invest in a gun you will be using the rest of your life, I would go for a Remington 700 in 300 WMG or 308. You can match bullet size with game.Of course you are in the 780 range for new one with scope and ammo.But it is a vary versatile platform for all sorts of hunting.


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            I'm going to agree with the posters above. The 243 is adequate but a better all round cartridge is the 270 Win. The REM 700/Redfield package sounds good. You should also check Savage, T/C, Tikka, and Weatherby Vanguard.




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