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After using a range finder, establishing the distance for the shot,taking the shot and watching your deer disappears into the tr

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  • After using a range finder, establishing the distance for the shot,taking the shot and watching your deer disappears into the tr

    After using a range finder, establishing the distance for the shot,taking the shot and watching your deer disappears into the tree line, it is sometimes difficult to figure out where to enter the woods and begin your search. I have often thought that it would be a good idea to mark your spot with an orange rag,cloth,florescent tape or marker and reverse the use of the range finder for distance to establish the point of entry to start your search? I find it sometimes difficult to judge the exact point of entry. It is sometimes hard to remember your starting point in all the excitement. It is like trying to find a golf ball of the course after you have made the shot.

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    Testing to see if I can post an answer yet.


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      Anything you can do to help find wounded game is a plus. It is amazing how the woods can change when you get down from your tree stand or out of your blind and start trying to find where your deer was when you saw it last. I try to memorize a tree or bush and go to that and if I can't find blood, start zig-zagging my way back toward my stand or where the deer was when I shot. Your idea about flagging tape and range finder is a good one.


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        Once you've made the shot and determined you did, indeed, hit the animal - make a mental note immediately. I say "immediately" and realize this basically happens in a matter of seconds. Once the deer runs out of the clearing (whatever that may be) and makes a break for the woods, make a mental note.

        In light of all the excitement, it'll make your job a lot easier if you can watch the deer the entire way. From the moment it's hit to the moment it breaks for the treeline. Hopefully, if you've made a good enough mental note to where the deer is completely out of sight - you will, by that point in time, be able to pick up the blood trail. This usually works out to be the case for most.

        I think you've got a good idea with the range finder and backtracking, but I really don't know if it's completely necessary. Unless you're completely oblivious to where the deer was when you shot it, I doubt the range finger method would be all the more helpful. Although, in really bad back country areas that are thick, dense and overrun... I can see where this would make the start of the search much easier.

        Best of luck to you this season!


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          shoot to kill/drop




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