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I hope that none of you have to expeirence what i went through today. Went to property with family, found out that we have yet a

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  • I hope that none of you have to expeirence what i went through today. Went to property with family, found out that we have yet a

    I hope that none of you have to expeirence what i went through today. Went to property with family, found out that we have yet another tresspasser. Is this one like the ones your used too? No. This certian person had the guts to not only walk onto our land, but also take a very large sized lawn mower it seems that was hooked up to a very large tractor and clear a path from one of our tipods to another about 400 yards long by 10 yards wide. We have no clue whom this idiot is, but we are putting up a trail camera to try and catch this person(s). I hope none of you go through this.

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    ugh. The audacity of some people is simply unbelievable. This is my one concern of one day hoping to own acreage of my own. People think just because there isn't a home and a flower garden and a driveway... then it must be a free for all. Here's a clue: If it isn't PUBLIC land, then SOMEBODY owns it!!

    I truly hope you catch this moron and take action. Best of luck to you and your family!


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      Make sure you have plenty of "Posted" signs up so they can't claim they don't know it's private property.


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        We had plenty of posted signs years ago, but the neighbors tore them down or ran them over with atv's.


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          If you haven't done so already this is a case you need to call the sheriff. In WI they are the only ones who can enforce trespass law. This is vandalism which would allow you to make a civil claim for damages.
          Is your land in the area where the interstate power line is going to be built through Baron County? The cut path you describe sounds more like a utility access cut than someone wanting a recreational trail.
          Perhaps the sheriff's office can provide you with more details as to who and why.
          Good luck.


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            I would check about if a powerline is going to be made. A couple years ago i had the same thing happen, turns out they were building a powerline.


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              No, my dad does not think it is for a utility line. They cut 400 yards INTO our property, not along it.


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                I hope there is a perfectly reasonable explanation to all of this.




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