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I'm from Michigan and I hope to do some bowhunting this year. The age limit to hunt deer with your bow by yourself is 17 but, do

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    Well the bottom line is, no matter what age you are, say , even if your 21yrs. and never hunted before, after you pass your Hunter's Ed Class, you need to go with an experienced hunter in the field to get a good feeling for hunting...then..

    Hunting is all about common sense, Never shoot at a target you can't Positively Identify!, just because you see a round blob out there, don't shoot , because it may be Uncle Joe, you see what I'm sayin'?, besides that, you want to make an ethical shot on the animal and kill it, and not wound it.

    Keep Saftey above all things while hunting!, and you'll enjoy it for the rest of your lives!

    Good Huntin' Brothers!

    David H.


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      I'm 52 yrs.,I'm from Arkansas, my nickname is Cat, I play pool for a living, my game is 9-Ball, thus Catpool9 is my screen name...and I love to hunt & fish!.........

      David Harcrow


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        If your son is ready in your eyes to hunt alone let him i started huntin alone at 15 and learned more by myself than hunting with my father. He may make a mistake and miss a chance at a good buck but its all a learning experience


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          Not so sure, but if something bad happens a kid under 17 will panic a lot more then an older, more experienced hunter...




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