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After a long, hard, life long, and painful battle with being left-eye dominant, recently, after much painful practice I have tau

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  • jdamos
    My problem has always been with being right handed and left eye dominant. Unless you have experienced it yourself you will never know how aggravating it can be.

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  • Ram1500
    The above two comments are probably as good as advise as you will get, but I have a question for you. What was the problem with being left eye dominate? I'm Left Handed/Left Eye dominate and it hasn't ever been an issue.I Shoot any kind of gun I want. The only resoan I shoot My bow with my right arm draw is because of having a fused right wrist. Therefore I can't hold the bow in my right hand properly.Just wondering?

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  • pjsabella
    Last year I bought a PSE Stinger and I absolutely love it! It was $399 and it was the complete package (came with sights, whisker bisket, peep site, quiver, etc.) and it is very easy to shoot and forgiving. I shot my first bow buck with it this past season and the deer never knew what hit him. I'm a stealth hunter and the stinger is super quiet! I would total recommend that you try it out.

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  • garrett weaver
    There isn't an answer to that. I would suggest going to a bow shop shooting some bows find out what pound limbs you need on what bow, for example if you're like me, I like short axle to axle bows because it feels much better when at full draw. If your on a budget go on craigslist and buy a used one, you can get fully set up bows for cheap because bows don't hold their value at all. I would stick to some of the bigger bow companies out there like pse, mathews, bowtech, hoyt, etc. As far as arrows, your local bow shop will point you in the right direction for what your hunting, and for release aids just try and see what feels the best.

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  • After a long, hard, life long, and painful battle with being left-eye dominant, recently, after much painful practice I have tau

    After a long, hard, life long, and painful battle with being left-eye dominant, recently, after much painful practice I have taught myself to use my right eye. I would now like to take up Archery. My question is what is the best options out there for a compound bow right now. What would you recommend for release aids and arrows and such? Thank you for any help.



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