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This has nothing to do with hunting or outdoor life of any sort but it is near and dear to my heart and probably many of you als

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  • This has nothing to do with hunting or outdoor life of any sort but it is near and dear to my heart and probably many of you als

    This has nothing to do with hunting or outdoor life of any sort but it is near and dear to my heart and probably many of you also. On March 19 & 20 I would like to invite all of you to join my team in the Cincinnati Kintera Heartwalk or if your able, to donate any amount your able too. This walk is to raise money for heart and stroke research for The American Heart Association. My family and friends started participating last year after finding out about this walk. It is amazing to say the least, I'm not sure how many people participated last year but a four lane highway in downtown Cincinnati was packed from sidewalk to sidewalk as far as the eye could see and I would guess at least 50,000 people! The reason we started to do this is my daughter which is 5yrs old now was born with 2 heart problems one(Wolf-Parkinson-White Syndrome) of which she had surgery on and the other is a rare myocardium defect called Noncompaction of the Left Ventrical Myocardium which effects the muscle of the left ventricle. Here is the link to donate or join our team Thank You in advance!

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    Dcast,I applaud you and everyone who donates their time and or any avaible funds to the Heart and Stroke Association.I lost my father far too early to a massive heart attack at the age of 53.
    In his honour I have carried on a routine of starting every avaible hunting season to me with one of the firearms left to me as his only son.


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      Dcast, while Cincinnati is to far away for me to get there, I will say that I have donated to the American Heart Associaton before and will do so again. My wife and I also give blood. Having a 13, 11, and three year old, that thank goodness are all healthy, I cannot imagine what you have went through with your daughter. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your daughter. Hope she makes a full recovery and gets to lead a full and happy life.




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