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what is a list of stuff i need in a survival kit?

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  • what is a list of stuff i need in a survival kit?

    what is a list of stuff i need in a survival kit?

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    The way you gear up your kit will be dependent on where you might need it. One size usually fits no one. A kit you will find functional in Alaska could be pretty much worthless in Arizona in the summertime.
    Each kit should be tailored for the area that it will be used.
    Rather than asking what to put in it, you might consider what you need to know before you get into the situation that you need a kit.
    The best kit in the world will do you NO good if you don't know what to do with the things in it. Take a wilderness survival course. Learn the skills that you would need in that kind of situation and then practice them. Those skills need to be ingrained into your head so completely that you don't need to really think about what you need to do next. Those skills need to be as second nature as tying your shoes. Because if they aren't and the area you are in gets covered with the brown stuff, that is a REALLY BAD time to try to learn what you need to know. As you learn the skills, you will find that you can tailor your survival kit to the needs that you may encounter...




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