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I have been hunting an area of the woods for sometime and I have trail cam picts of a nice 12 pt and 9 pt. In the last week a b

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  • I have been hunting an area of the woods for sometime and I have trail cam picts of a nice 12 pt and 9 pt. In the last week a b

    I have been hunting an area of the woods for sometime and I have trail cam picts of a nice 12 pt and 9 pt. In the last week a buck has made a huge rub on a desenct size tree, to the point that the tree broke off about 6 feet up. Do I (A) leave the area alone (B) do a mock scrap with a drip in the area (C) put a doe in heat drip in the area. Any suggestions ???

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    You didn't mention any sort of food plot in your immediate area. Is there an immediate overgrown food source nearby? Food is one of the "neutral" areas that you can utilize to your advantage to gain confidence in keeping bucks in your immediate area. I'd opt to try and utilize this strategy going forward. Perhaps a couple of apple blocks? Mineral blocks? Corn? You'll peak their interest and keep them coming back without spooking their instincts with something else.

    I would only proceed more aggressively with a mock scrape, estrus lure, etc, etc. if you fully understand the state of the rut where you're currently hunting. Timing is everything and in my opinion, a lot of individuals use these products and lures in incorrect scenarios. And I believe that deer, specifically bucks, have the means of calling our bluff.

    Just my two pennies.


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      Determine the travel corridor of that buck and hunt it. Do Not contaminate the area with any commercial scents or baits. In my part of the country (WI)it is time to get off the scrapes; mature trophy bucks in particular are not using them rather they are with does or seeking does.


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        Leave it alone sit up away from it so your sent won't be in it. Making a mock scrap isn't necessary.
        Put doe pee or other scents in different locations
        like about 30-60 yards away & try to hunt around it all.


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          IMHO~~ DO A/B/C you cant go worng!




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