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A week ago a buck was walking on a trail toward me and he sniffed, looked my way, then took a different trail. The next time in

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  • A week ago a buck was walking on a trail toward me and he sniffed, looked my way, then took a different trail. The next time in

    A week ago a buck was walking on a trail toward me and he sniffed, looked my way, then took a different trail. The next time in the stand the same deer came on thesame trail, he looked at me and when I blinked he turned and ran. Am I pretty much out of hope now? What should I do?

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    From the deer that found you, he probably wont be back from my experance, make sure you are high enough in a tree or covered well on the ground. i never make eye contact and even squint my eyes to hide the white better when they are coming in. there are more deer out there dont give up! If you have the option set up another stand as far as you can from that spot, cover your face with a mesh type face mask that will help to, if you use an anchor point i cut a piece out of my mask and use face paint. hope this helps.


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      From the way you talked you've got him patterned pretty well. Change tactics find out where you think he's coming from or where he's going too. set up on him in a different spot or maybe a different time of day.If you know he's feeding in a certain area at night set up between him and his bedroom 30 minutes before daylight.Give him some time! you've spooked him once give it two weeks hunt a different area until he settles back into his pattern. Also it sounds like he smelled you up your scent game next time.


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        Re-evaluate your set up. Maybe move that stand or add one in the same general area but get the prevailing wind in your face. Assuming you are in the air, your silouette may be giving you away. I agree with staying out of there for a while but the timing of the rut in your area may force you back in sooner rather then later. Time is on your side until the rut kicks in. Just don't outsmart yourself.


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          You got this deer patterned. Relax. Go hunt somewhere else for a couple of days. In the meantime, go in at a different time of day from when you've seen him and move your stand to a spot downwind of his trail with better camo. Then go in--wear a facemask, don't blink (LOL), and wait on him--you have a good chance to take this deer. Bottom line--enjoy your time in the woods. IMHO, an hour in the woods is worth a whole day in air conditioning. Happy hunting!


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            Don't blink! I wear glasses so when bow hunting I have to put the paint on my shinny cheeks, keep as still as posible and squint when deer are looking at me. Keep a good back ground ( a fork in a tree, a wide cedar, or limbs attached to the back of your stand to break up your silouette)




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