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Where I live and hunt there is a considerable difference in the behavior of bucks and does. I see does all the time during dayli

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  • Where I live and hunt there is a considerable difference in the behavior of bucks and does. I see does all the time during dayli

    Where I live and hunt there is a considerable difference in the behavior of bucks and does. I see does all the time during daylight hours, but seldom catch a glimpse of even a young buck in the daytime. If not for game cameras and activity during the rut, I would conclude there are no male deer. My question is why there is such a drastic difference in their behavior. If the behavior of the does is inherently more dangerous than the secluded lives of a buck, their behavior should have evolved to match the buck’s behavior. I can’t believe the recent trend of trophy hunting has pushed bucks from the open to a secluded lifestyle. Talking to older old timers, the main change they have noticed is the massive increase in whitetail deer population from the scarce numbers during their youths. This increase is even noticeable during my 45 years of hunting. Has male deer behavior changed during the era of pursuit with high speed projectiles or where they just as reclusive 100 or a 1000 years ago? With the liberalization of regulations allowing harvesting of does, will we see a change in their behavior?

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    welcome to trophy hunting bucks,if old mature bucks exhibited the careless ways of doe deer then none would attain trophy status/with age comes wisdom and trophy bucks are quick learners with the ability to show even old timers a thing or two when it comes to surviving.


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      The biggest change I have seen in deer behavior over the last 45 years is their adapting to suburban areas.

      Deer seem to be most active early in the morning and late in the afternoon as they always have. Areas where bucks are strictly nocturnal are usually the same areas that are heavily hunted.


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        I don't think any type of "Trophy" hunting is causing bucks to go nocturnal its just nature. If there is hunting pressure and sometimes even when there is no hunting pressure Bucks can go Nocturnal. I've seen it in trail cam pics.(And I don't consider me putting out a trail cam hunting pressure.) They just feel more at ease when it is dark. eventually they probably will come out into the daylight because they have found a hot Doe and will chase her through a used car lot if necessary. People have been shooting does forever, They do travel at night of course just not exclusively like some bucks tend to do. Don't think Does will ever go completely Nocturnal. Good luck. with the Bucks. Just get out early to the stand so you have an hour at least before shooting light. Bucks will make a mistake and it is usually at first light coming back to the bedding areas. at least in my experiences. Evening is good also but the big ones try to stay hidden until darkness falls. But once again as I said in the first sentence, I don't think it has anything to do with Trophy Hunting.


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          deer had to adapt to humans in evrey way & there will to survive is unmatched. Yes they will adapt more in the future, just take a look around the deer seem to find the local tree huggers private property & call base befor you can tag'm.


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            In WI we have a 9 day firearm season, 2 years ago I had a Reconyx wildlife management camera set up. A trophy class 180 - 12 point buck, 6x6 western count laid down on opening day in front of the camera. This buck did not leave his bed for 9 days.

            This camera takes near video pics so every time this buck even flipped an ear or raised his head the cam shot 20 pics.

            That is how the big boys survive.




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