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It seems Peer Pressure is on the rise for shooting a Huge buck. No longer is 100-120 inch buck acceptable. When hunters you know

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  • It seems Peer Pressure is on the rise for shooting a Huge buck. No longer is 100-120 inch buck acceptable. When hunters you know

    It seems Peer Pressure is on the rise for shooting a Huge buck. No longer is 100-120 inch buck acceptable. When hunters you know, DVDs with big names, and magazines constantly showing how people are being successful at shooting large bucks. Its unavoidable that the pressure is created to shoot a “Monster Buck”. The reality is if your a non-resident hunter of your state of choice and have only a few weeks a year to hunt. How is one to avoid the influence and pressure of trying to shoot a Giant. I personally have felt bad shooting a 120 inch deer when I am seeing everyone around me shooting bigger bucks. When getting back to deer camp everyone always seems to look at a deer thats less than 150 inches as if one committed a crime. So the question is how does one remove themselves from the pressure of fellow hunters and just enjoy the hunt regardless of the rack size?

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    I feel that as long as it is an ethical kill and is done with respect and the intention of eating and utilizing the animal it doesn't matter the size of the rack.
    I too have had rack envy when I see the guys boasting about their 12 pointer etc and all I've shot is a doe or a 6 pointer or not firing a shot, but I am ultimately thankful for the enjoyment of the hunt and the animal taken.
    Rack size is just another form of competition... like which fish is bigger or which beard is longer or this goose or duck is banded etc.


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      If you want to feel better about shooting a 120 inch buck, come on up to Vermont, you shoot one of those here and you will be getting high 5's all the way to the check in station for shooting a huge buck...haha, as for other locations, I think it is absurd to try to keep up with the "pro's". Many times they are hunting in high fenced areas over man made food plots, for treestands 3o feet in the air wearing 6 layers of camo, all of which have scent lock which I tend to feel is somewhat the equivalent of heading to your local farm and picking out the largest cow and shooting that. So don't feel pressure to shoot a "monster". Any deer is a trophy when you've paid your dues and earned it.




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