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What are some of your scouting tricks mid summer/ early fall?For me a heavy dew first thing in the morning is a great opportunit

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  • What are some of your scouting tricks mid summer/ early fall?For me a heavy dew first thing in the morning is a great opportunit

    What are some of your scouting tricks mid summer/ early fall?For me a heavy dew first thing in the morning is a great opportunity to see first hand- travel routes of deer--the chosen route will have been disturbed and will leave a distinguishable trail across hayfields etc in contrast to the remaining landscape which remains undisturbed -from here you can pick up tracks-note entry and exit points and basically see how active an area is.

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    I fully agree with Uncle John---it's too hot and the woods are too thick. The deer don't have to travel much for food and breeding is not a factor. I'll wait a few months before I get too fired up about the deer.


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      In the north country we need to scout now archery season opens in 8 weeks. Set and prepare licking branches does will start using them very soon. Does start many of the breeding scraps under these branches in late August.


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        In my humble opinion, most of what you learn now will be useless by opening day, depending on where you are. Obviously Charlie needs to get his game face on while John has tons of time. Here in IL the bucks are in their bachelor groups and all buddy, buddy with each other and the does are tending to their young fawns. Food, water and safety are plentiful and I'll bet they don't move any more than necessary right now.

        If you are scouting an unfamiliar piece of ground it wouldn't hurt to learn the lay of the land (wear lots of bug spray!!!)

        Personally, I like to make my setups versatile so I can move them during the season as the need arises - or add a setup so I don't completely abandon the other. I scout very little even when hunting a new property.

        That being said, a little scouting is a great excuse to get some fresh air.


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          I do my scouting, stand hanging, trail and shooting lane clearing just before a rain storm or front hits. This hopefuly will wash away any scent I leave behind. Now's the time to be planing and starting summer/fall food plots. Clearing and spraying defoliants, disking and draggin before putting seed out later this month and into the next.


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            Thanks for all the great comments--our scouting starts end of July--being north of the USA --were are looking now for the big buck crossing a hay field at 5 am--just basically trying to get a feel for the population and activity---even the deer will pull the green acorns off the oaks if they can reach them at this time of year.Even the old orchards on homesteads are evaluated for the crop on the tree as they do vary from year to year and affect travel and feeding routes and routines-windfalls are now on the ground and the deer pick them up.Maybe it's not the game plan for later bow hunting but getting a feel for "the activity" can help you map out decisions later on when it really counts.


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              Do what I do. Set up a trail camera in front of where you see good sign, set a salt or mineral rock just off those paths/marks and check 'er in a couple weeks.


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                I have always found that the best time to do scouting is in late winter with snow still on the ground, and after the bucks have drop their antlers. During this time the bucks still havent reverted to their "Safe routes" that they use before the pressure starts during hunting season.


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                  I just head to a spot where i might want to hunt and sit there all morning, just like i would if i was hunting. do that a few days and see what happens.




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