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Hello to everyone in the OL, I am a long time hunter and there is something that I just don't understand. I have a small tract o

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  • Hello to everyone in the OL, I am a long time hunter and there is something that I just don't understand. I have a small tract o

    Hello to everyone in the OL, I am a long time hunter and there is something that I just don't understand. I have a small tract of property in Rockdale county, Ga. that I use during bow season. This used to be my Pa Paws farmland, which has grown up over the past 10 years. It still holds those big pasture ant beds though, and more times than not, while I am scouting the property pre season I notice the deer will relieve themselves smack dab in the ant beds.Every ant mound will have deer droppings in them, which could be upto 100 diffrent ant mounds. Why do they feel the need to do this and does it happen all over the country?

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    I've never seen that over here in Alabama. I assume that you are talking about fire ant mounds. I know a rabbit will take a dump on a stump, but never saw deer do anything like that.


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      Ammonia is a great way to kill ants. Maybe the deer are doing a little extermination so they don't get bit when passing through the area


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        from what i have observed, deer don't like to go on something that they could bed down on (kind of like cats and other animals, they rather do it on bare dirt, ants usualy have already cleared to dirt.

        Also the ants may use the waste to their advantage, thereby helping to get rid of it, lessioning the chance of a preditor being able to cent it because the ants secreat a cent that can be realy strong (squish an ant between your thumb and finger and sniff)
        Hope this helps


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          well this is my educated crack at it! Did you know ants release a chemical that kill tiny pests are bugs. Its been proven that ravens dance on top of a ant nest to stir them up. Its like a car was for animals the ants climb on release the chemical & it helps fight of the pests so inturn the animal has a less chance for infection. So I'm thinking the deer are catching on to the ravens version of heathcare.djh


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            I think it is just that every living thing hates fire ants!!!




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