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IM 31 years of age just got into hunting and i want to bowhunt see anyone can pick up a gun and shoot i like a challege so i pic

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  • IM 31 years of age just got into hunting and i want to bowhunt see anyone can pick up a gun and shoot i like a challege so i pic

    IM 31 years of age just got into hunting and i want to bowhunt see anyone can pick up a gun and shoot i like a challege so i picked bowhunting so what will be the perfect bow for me to use

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    part of hunting isnt just shooting its always good to rifle hunt as it gives you great experience and practice for such things as bowhunting. i would do both as to get you possibly more time in the field depending where you are, and you will learn twice as much. p.s.e Hoyt Mathews Alpine Archery Darton Bear and lots of other companies makes great bows for a not bad price.


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      taylor1,If you could find a reputable bow shop and be fitted to a bow that you can shoot before you buy it you likely will find what makes you happy plus have a great shooting bow.As far as selecting a bow everybody has a favorite.Good luck in finding yours.
      The bow shop does make a livlyhood at this they are knowlegeable but don't be nieve and shop around for there are some unscrupulus among us.
      Good hunting


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        Perhaps anyone can pickup a gun and shoot it, but to pickup a gun and shoot it accurately and with proficiency is another thing. The same thing can be said about shooting a bow.
        With either discipline, firearm or bow, the main thing is practicing and practice shooting at the distance(s) you are proficient at. Target shooting in a controlled environment is great for developing marksmanship. The next step after that is practicing field conditions: kneeling, sitting, standing, etc.. Going to be shooting from a treestand? Practice shooting from that treestand at what height you plan on setting up at. Practice, practice, practice.
        As far as a good bow to use, it will depend on what you are interested in: recurve, compound, etc.. A good bow is also one that fits you correctly: pound pull, length of pull, arrow length, etc.. Go to a knowledgeable bow shop and have them set you up with a bow.




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