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I would like some input in the baiting situation in Alabama.If you have the money to lease or own land you can plant corn or wh

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  • I would like some input in the baiting situation in Alabama.If you have the money to lease or own land you can plant corn or wh

    I would like some input in the baiting situation in Alabama.If you have the money to lease or own land you can plant corn or whatever and never harvest it.But a fellow that can not afford the land and big tractors can't sprinkle or spread corn in an area he plans to hunt even if he sustains it year long.What is the difference other than plain and simple money or am i just p.o.ed because of the short end of the stick.

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    Baiting-food plots-quality deer management have all been topics recently up for debate and examination on this site.While I do not live in Alabama-I can offer some input on this topic.If the whitetail riddle were just as simple as food plots;many of us would have quit hunting a long time ago.I view this strategical approach to ensure more opportunities for hunters by simple realignment of food sources and the resulting traffic into more concentrated areas as improving the odds but not always success.There is more to the whitetail than just diet-bedding areas-animal travel corridors-escape routes for quick exits-the biology of the rut and behavioral changes-local features such as creeks-lakes-ravines-swamps-basically anything that will impact travel and movement within the whitetail's world are all part of a larger puzzle that can be successfully pieced together.Deer are ruminants and require roughage for proper digestion-often I will watch deer consume dry grasses well past their prime along fence rows or in overgrown meadows.(part of the diet-usually found in transition areas-before the agricultural crops begin)Each year before the deer season begins I have two goals-to harvest a world record buck and to learn something new to further my understanding of the whitetail;my education is ongoing and I feel the more you learn will be of more importance than hunting over food plots in terms of improving your overall success.Oh yeah-the next world record?-maybe next year.


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      I greatly appreciate your input on this delimea of mine,In my eyes the foodplots are none the less baiting to bring deer to an ambush point.


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        Yea i hear what you are saying. I don't have any experience with baiting or food plots ( except for large fields of crops. The baiting ticks me off cause if you dump a pile of corn in ione smallspot and wait for deer to come that is not hunting. That is shooting. But if the food plot is really small in size than that's basically the same thing.




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