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I have gone bow hunting one time, saw a few deer, but didnt get to shoot. I am going again soon and would like to know is it wor

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  • I have gone bow hunting one time, saw a few deer, but didnt get to shoot. I am going again soon and would like to know is it wor

    I have gone bow hunting one time, saw a few deer, but didnt get to shoot. I am going again soon and would like to know is it worth waiting to try and make my first shot, and hopefully kill, a memorable one, or should I try to get the first one possible? Thanks, Robby

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    That's a personal question for sure---I have bow hunted for years and hindsight and the old crystal ball have always had a "what if" factor at the end of the season.Last week I passed on two yearlings(with a doe tag in my daypack) who were twenty yards broadside with a clear shot.I told one of my friends that I may just be plain stupid once gun season/bow season and black powder have all closed.Some years I have had more opportunities than others and I am hoping that is the case this year.However a first bow hunt that ends with your tag being filled should be a memorable event regardless.


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      robby, my first deer was not a giant but certainly ranks up there in terms of being memorable. To take that first deer with a bow, something I have never done, would qualify in most people's minds as a big deal regardless of the size of the antlers.
      My only shot at a muley buck with a bow saw the arrow slip below his chest has he jumped up from his bed. As he wheeled away one of his first steps was onto the arrow. I kept the bent arrow as a keepsake. I remember the stalk and the arrow zipping by the buck vividly 25 years later. The point being I missed on my only bow hunt opportunity yet it remains a great recollection. I would bet you are anxious to collect that first buck, get after it because next year you have an opportunity to do it all over again.


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        As mentioned, this is obviously a personal question and decision. As a relatively new bowhunter my approach has been to take the first legal deer I can. The bow season in Missouri (and I believe most other states) opens earlier, so if I can get a deer earlier, then the pressure is off for the rest of the season and I know I at least have some venison in the freezer.

        Bowhunting is challenging enough at times, so I take the first legal deer I can. The exception might be a young buck.

        A big part of this is also how important the meat is to you.


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          ABSOLUTLEY, i never get agrenalen rushes like the one's i get when a buck, or doe walks in under my stand. reason is, you have to work so hard out of the woods to get the skills to be able to get the shot off. even when you practice hundreds of time at a target only at 20 yards, when your in the woods with a nice deer in front of you it seems so mutch farther, and harder to take the shot. you will feel so accomplished when you get your first deer with a bow, you wont ever want to shoot a deer with anything else


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            Thanks guys, no buck yet but I got a nice doe and it felt good. Thanks for the responses!




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