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I have a question that I get alot of diffrent answers to is a spike always a spike? I think spikes will change but my buddy says

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  • I have a question that I get alot of diffrent answers to is a spike always a spike? I think spikes will change but my buddy says

    I have a question that I get alot of diffrent answers to is a spike always a spike? I think spikes will change but my buddy says they stay spikes.I would like an answer. Thank you Ian Wernette

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    Spikes will grow larger antlers in following years. A spike is just a year and a half old buck and does not represent bad genetics. True that some 1 1/2 yr old bucks have forks or even three pt to a side.


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      a spike whether it be on a bull moose or elk or deer is just a young animal that does not have bigger sized antlers which follow in years to come.


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        Elkslayer and Taylor1 are correct. Spikes are usually a 1 1/2 year old bucks antlers,But not always as Elkslayer said. They can Be 6 or even 8 points or larger just depends on the genetics and food sources. Those are good ones to let walk. Just think what a year and a half 8 pointer will look like in 4 more years. Tell your buddy to take up reading. get him a subscription to OUTDOOR LIFE. and there'll be no more arguements. Good luck Hunting!


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          I actually had a buddy who had a deer farm that had a spike buck. He didnt feed it he had it in a 500 acre fenced in area with so many other deer. This buck was a spike then an 100 inch 6 then a 140 inch 9 then turned out to be a 220 inch buck before he died of blue tongue and he was not fed anything although here in illinois we have corn and beans and other crops thats it. Just goes to show pass a young buck so he can grow.


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            These guys are right. A spike is usually just a young deer. Sometimes bad genetics will produce a deer that stays a spike or cow-horn or whatever, sometimes just on one side--but that's the exception. If you get a good look & that "spike" is an older mature deer, cull it. Otherwise, let it walk--it's your trophy for a few years from now.


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              A yearling spike is not destine to remain a spike for the remainder of it's years. The deer could produce a decent rack in it's sixth season. However, the buck is still inferior in terms of antler potential when compared to forked antlered yearlings. In other words, it will never produce the high scores that a fork horned or better yearling will produce. Not to mention, it will be spreading it's inferior genes when it breeds. That is why Texas promotes culling all spikes at 18 months or older. This will allow the bucks with the more desirable genes, in terms of antler size, to do the breeding. The only exception, in my opinion, would be if you had very few deer on your property and no forked antlered yearlings at all. I wouldn't want to eliminate all the male deer on the property but also would not plan an bagging any great deer there. There has always been a lot of conflicting opinions and information on the culling of spikes. Due to this uncertainty, the Texas Parks and Wildlife commissioned their wildlife biologist to conduct a scientific study and answer the question once and for all. After conducting 26 years of research, they proved conclusively that culling spikes will greatly increase the antler scores of the heard over time. I have their link posted on a video I shot last year while pulling the trigger for the first time with a scorpyd crossbow on a cull spike. Here's the link.


              You may have to cut and past it to your browser. I couldn't paste the TPW link either.

              Happy Hunting.




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