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    Hopefully put a tom turkey in the back in a couple months. About all it can hold LOL
    Have not had functional AC in any of my beaters since 2002. Adding fluids weekly, airing up tires due to clear coat on rims flaking, changing waterpumps, transfer cases, busting knuckles all night to be able to go to work.

    Ive done it for 30 yrs and just cant anymore.
    Hated to burn my savings on wheels buy i just had to. Got cheapest 4x4 w warranty i could.

    First new vehicle ever. Maybe last too.
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      Renegade's aren't my personal cup of tea but I think they look pretty sharp and their quality is pretty well established. I think it's a solid choice. Hope it performs to your expectations. 👍🏻👍🏻


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        The non turbo is an absolute dog. But at my age I aint exactly in a hurry. Drove a 2015 Trailhawk and the 9 speed shifting was annoying.

        They had a 2018 w 30k, standard model. For XX and I got a a fully loaded brand new one w turbo for less than 5k diff on the 2018.

        Full warranty. It was a no brainer. Drive under 7k a yr so this thing is gonna be 99.9 percent pavement machine.

        The 2022 in grey/ green is what I wanted. None avail. Cant even order that color for here.

        2021 w rebate is good enough. Hell i just wanted heat, ac ps pb and 4x4.

        Again, a Jimny would have been better.

        Must say, wouldnt even look at a non turbo renegade.
        It aint fast but isnt the dog of the non turbo.​​​


        • #19
          I've been driving an '01 since '02.
          Over 400k and still going.
          Last time I went truck shopping, a new Ford F-350 diesel was $70k. That'll buy a small farm. Still driving the '01.
          At my age, I'll pass on a new vehicle.
          For $70k, I can patch on Ol' Blue a lot.
          Rebuilt tranny $2k.
          Cummins long block $7k
          Labor $7k
          So around $16/$17k, I gotta ride for another 400k miles.


          • #20
            Yup. My prev jeep rotted away at 278k. Current one is around 230k.

            What i really want is an INOS Grenadier. But price has jumped from initial, and they arent making very many.

            New Wranglers, hold their value, but are expensive and Im done bouncin around playing Jeep. No more soft tops for me. Ive suffered piloting CJ5s for 15 yrs, my back is shot.

            I want heater that works ( ZJ have good heaters ) and AC. And a warranty. Id love to find an old cream puff 98 ZJ w 5.2 L. They just dont exist.

            Size, power, ride.....they were great. 20 plus yrs old now, so rust is an issue. Just not worth messing with. ive redone door harnesses too many times. Just wear out

            Oh well. Drive this POS for 2 yrs and maybe dump for a small truck. Just cant do projects around the house w bum shoulder. Truck usage would be minimal.

            Besides, my hunting bud bought a new full size 4x4 pickup. I got a buddy w a truck, I dont need to buy one LOL


            • #21
              I changed my 249 to a 242 on my old.lifted ZJ.
              Took about 6 hrs, was 100.degrees out. Drilling above, old nutserts out...., good times.

              320.bucks, for used t case, curved wrench and driveshaft shortened. Shop wanted 1500.

              I paid 3500.for the vehicle LOL. Drove it lifted w 32" mudders for over a decade.

              Man I miss that hunk o junk.


              • #22
                Originally posted by fitch270 View Post
                We’re having a bit of a dilemma with the Kid’s truck, it’s an ‘04 GMC Sierra 4x4 step side with under 34k miles on it. It needed some front brake work when we got it from one of my accounts. One of those “you can have it if you get it off my lawn” deals. The thing runs perfect and is tight as can be, problem is the undercarriage is starting to have some rust issues. The body itself looks very good but it won’t be long before it doesn’t. The other problem is it only gets about 14mpg and he’ll be going to college this fall over 3 hours away. We could likely get 5-6 times what we have in it but replacing it will be a gamble as well. When the weather gets better we’ll likely test the waters and go from there.

                Thing is the Kid learned how to drive a stick with it and after almost a year and a half has gotten quite attached to the rig. It’s an awesome truck, too bad the road salt around here eats vehicles up from the bottom out.
                Fitch, here's how I would look at it.

                1) Vehicle selections should never be based on emotions, but instead logic.
                2) Ultimately, your son travelling safely from home to school should be the main criteria.
                3) Money will be tight so saddling him with a gas guzzler will put him in a biind.

                Sedans are superior for gas mileage. Find a safe one in good shape and forget trucks and large SUV's. Gas prices are going to continue rising and you probably should get rid of that truck as soon as you can.


                • #23
                  Vehicle was only an issue with my son. Girls got toyotas and were tickled. My boy didn't need a truck at school. My truck was his to use the few times he needed it. When gas came from HIS pocket, well, the Toyota made him very happy. Came home his first year and there was a small left barefoot print on the dash and a matching right footprint on the visor. In the sun you could easily see a very petite, very perfect, bare ass print on the hood. Pointed them out to him before his mom saw them.
                  PH is right, the kid needs a car.


                  • #24
                    My ol lady totalled her toyota yrs ago.
                    She was upset we didnt cut out the headliner that had her footprint LOL


                    • #25
                      PigHuntress and I every once in a while still have fun in the car 😜


                      • #26
                        The GMC has a bench seat but he’ll have a dorm room before long so….

                        I’m thinking we’ll find something, and won’t rule out a small 4cyl pickup. A guy at work says he gets about 28mpg with his Tacoma. The Kid has some money saved up but he knows his mother and I will have a say in what he ends up with regardless.

                        Scary part is my daughter gets her learners permit before the school year is out.


                        • #27
                          I needed a ride after work to pick up my old vehicle from dealership. My youngest (23 ) drove her moms liberty. Shes a good driver.

                          Unlike her mom, or middle sister.



                          • #28
                            Mine has the cheaper silver alloys. May plasti dip them next month. Tires are cheap all season.
                            Figure when they wear out go with Procomp 69 in black and BFG AT.

                            May leave it as is.
                            The grey/green not avail here (I went to order a 2022 but couldnt get that color, so went with stinger grey.....and my sales guy says he has a 2021 fully loaded on lot that color, w rebate ). SOLD!

                            As a hardcore old school wheeler, I turned my nose up at this Spaghetti O.
                            But it was the cheapest 4x4 new I could get.

                            Hate to admit it, I like the stupid thing. Now to see if it holds up.

                            But yeah, the 2022 in the vid........I wanted that but it was no discount and wait.
                            That grey/green color is sharp though.

                            Ordered rubber mats, cheaper factory stuff (on sale) than the super cool ones made by Quadratec.
                            Its muddy where we turkey hunt.

                            Hopefully toss a big tom in the back in a couple months. Will be a lot cheaper to get to turkey spot too (my old ZJ was 17 mpg on highway and two spots I hunt, one 45 mins away, the other 3 hrs ).

                            Have not measured for recurve or fishing pole fitment inside yet.
                            Last edited by CD2; 03-02-2022, 11:13 AM.


                            • #29
                              Good choice. That Renegade is similar in size to my old Xterra but almost 1000 lbs lighter. The Xterra has about twice the cargo space and more ground clearance but burns more fuel.

                              I've enjoyed driving a smaller SUV for many reasons but a big one is being more able to turn around on single lane logging roads. Most of the time the rear seat cushions are left at home and the rear seats are folded down. That gives enough length to load my two-wheel deer cart fully deployed. Fishing rods fit and I've hauled 8-fi boards with the rear gate closed but had to place them across the center console.

                              Oakmulgee 9pt r.jpg


                              • #30
                                We bought Weather Tech floor mats for both our Hondas, not cheap but less than the factory upgrade. We put seat covers in the car to protect the cloth from my work clothes. The truck has leather seats that clean up easier and we don’t run it to work very often.

                                The Renegade needs a hitch hailer and maybe a roof rack.😎




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