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    The 6 essentials to being a successful deer hunter. Persistence, Patience, Practice, Planning, Perception,and Play.1 Persistence ,. The biggest asset to a hunter ,continued efforts regardless of weather or terrain,. 2 .Patience ,a virtue generally learned from repetitive efforts and the value of just ten more minutes.3. Practice until every thing is natural and performance acceptable.4. Planning ,whether it's choosing the best area to hunt or remembering ammo. The list can be long or short ,missing one important item can end a hunt before it starts .5 Perception ,often how we perceive game to look or sound is quite different from reality. The sound of A twig or leaf rustle may be the wind or ,small animals ,the same with movement it's the subtle movement that your eye fails to recognize that may signal game is near. . 6. Play ,don't become locked into just one style of hunting,keep it fresh and entertaining by using different methods.Follow your instincts ,if another spot looks better try it out. The main thing is hunting should be fun,not demanding ,each outing an adventure . Tagging is a bonus ,you never go home without learning or remembering something special from that day. Good luck 6p Hunter
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    Dog gone good "P's" there sir!

    I only use three of those.
    Persistence, Patience and Planning.

    Persistence - if I want a deer THAT badly, I'll go hunting every opportunity I get. Morning, evening or middle of the day. Makes no difference.

    Patience - don't just blow a hole in the first tu thing you see. If the deer in view isn't edgy, just wait. Another may show up.

    Planning - well, I usually have a plan when I set up my blind.

    6p - I'm in south central OK. No big tracts of public land. What little is near me, is loaded with hunters. It's "Archery" only and I no longer archery hunt.
    I'm older and crippled, so I can't walk long distances.
    I also don't have any large tracts of private land either.

    My hunting "method", such as it is, is crawl into my box blind in a known travel route and simply "wait".




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