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  • Deer popper

    Finaly got my old rigs sights changed. Went w Kensight patridge front and full flat rear.

    Am done w this rig, just zero it and leave it alone.

    Put old RCBS spring trigger gauge on it at it was 48 oz repeatably in single action. Was sent to Custom Shop way back for trigger job. It feels lighter, but read that 2.5 lbs was as low as theyd go on those running magnums. So 3 lbs sounds right. I dunno what DA is.
    Aint gonna shoot a deer in DA LOL
    1969 E series my dad bought used in 72.

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    I shot a little 8 point with it about 10 yrs ago at 50.yards facing away. Necked, bullet stopped on nose ( buddy found it when doing euro mount ).

    It loves the Hornady Leverevolution 140gr.
    Its not very hot ammo IMHO and where I shot that deer anything would have worked.

    None of that ammo around in these crazy times.
    Got enough to rezero.

    Proly buy a new stainless model and put a Leupold DPP on it.


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      Now that's a good one! I've never owned a .44 mag but downed a few deer and pigs with hot .45 Colt loads. Sold that revolver in 2020

      I always do my own trigger work on revolvers.


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        Ive had two Old Model 3 screws, 2 New Models and 4 Smith 629s.
        The only .44 I have now it the one my dad willed to me....his beater 3 screw.
        '70 model w brass frame. Ejector rod housing was rattling, so got a new steel one from BRC to replace.
        Grips had shrunk over time, I managed to find another old set w the squished eagle medallions.
        May change the rear sight to a Bowen.


        • #5
          I dislike the grooved trigger on Old Model SBHs.
          Enough I may buy a New Model.
          Clements has some narrow OM triggers, smooth face, I should call and see about a wide one.

          Honestly, if I get a new stainless 6" Python and add a Leupold DPP I may not hunt with any other centerfire handguns.


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            I'm not as good with a handgun as I'd like. My woods carry these days is a 4-inch Ruger SP101 in .357 mag. I need lots of practice to be consistent. Missed a bobcat a few weeks ago by rushing the shot one-handed. Also rang my ears for a couple of hours because of not wearing hearing protection.


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              My (ahem!) "deer popper" is a S&W M57 w/8" bbl.
              I've never killed a deer with it, but would like to.
              In the past, I could keep all 6 in an 8" paper plate at 75 yards, single action. These days? I might be doing good to get it out of the holster! LOL!
              Did the trigger myself many moons ago! Slick as glass and light as a feather.
              In fact, after feeling how light it was, I cocked it and beat the daylights out of it with a rubber mallet.
              The hammer and sears held just fine.


              • #8
                No deer popper for me but maybe someday. I do like the looks of the Ruger Vaqueros but haven’t ever held one.

                Good stuff CD2.


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                  Originally posted by fitch270 View Post
                  No deer popper for me but maybe someday. I do like the looks of the Ruger Vaqueros but haven’t ever held one.

                  Good stuff CD2.
                  I liked my old style Vaquero but had stopped using it. So, it was time to send it down the road. Should do the same for a few other firearms
                  The girlfriend is going to spend the weekend with me and she has a degree in history with concentration on WW2. She's never fired a Garand so I may take her to the range Saturday. Obviously I really enjoy weekends with her but it means no hunting...
                  Last edited by PigHunter; 01-18-2022, 12:06 PM.


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                    Originally posted by fitch270 View Post
                    No deer popper for me but maybe someday. I do like the looks of the Ruger Vaqueros but haven’t ever held one.

                    Good stuff CD2.
                    Biggest thing of note, fitch270, is barrel length.
                    Lot'sa folks want short barrels for convenience sake.
                    I've seen my old buddy Tom eat the heart of a silhouette target at 50 yards with a 4" M66! But he was young and had good eyes and steady hands.
                    The longer the barrel, the longer the sight plane. The longer the sight plane, the more accurate it is. A longer barrel also adds muzzle weight which helps steady the gun and reduces recoil.

                    I won't be so brazen as to suggest caliber, but I will state the opinion that the .38/.357 is a bit light in the britches. The .44 Mag is most common with the .45LC a close second. I wouldn't consider the Linbaugh or the Casull calibers. They are mostly for handloaders.
                    I suppose the .500 S&W would be okay, "IF" you can find ammo.
                    The .41 Rem Mag is superb, but ammo is pretty much nonexistent and it's a proprietary case.
                    Last edited by FirstBubba; 01-19-2022, 03:32 PM.


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                      Ive only taken one deer w .357 and where I shot it, anything would have worked.
                      Have taken several w .44 magnum revolvers and it works, but isn't magical.
                      Think most folks would do OK with wheelguns if they thought kinda more like bowhunting and not rifle hunting.

                      Although a .44 can kill em out as ways.....problem might not be killing the deer, but finding the deer you killed.

                      Older, maybe wiser, I'm a 100 yard and in wheelgunner and would be happy if all my deer were shot under 50 yards.
                      Specialty pistol is a different critter.
                      May yet do something w my Contender......currently just set up as rimfire varminter.

                      Got my recurve limbs in yesterday, but shoulder issues had me not doing any bow stuff. Did PT at home and that was about it.
                      Overdid it at work Friday.


                      • #12
                        image_3170.jpg I tried a single shot pistol. (6.5 Creedmoor, CVA Scout V2) I'm over it. Hopefully the almost 4 boxes of ammo I have on hand will help me peel it. Any future pistol packing for deer will be my S&W 28-2 with some stout .357 jsp.




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