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  • The TGIF Buck

    First off, a shout out to FB for hanging out with me this afternoon from over 1000 miles away. I’m still a bit dumbfounded about what went down.

    I had the opportunity to leave work early today and took it. When I got home the Kid was hunting a nearby public spot that has spotty cell coverage and he hadn’t received the text I was on my way home. I started getting ready to head up without him when he texted back that he was on his way to the truck so I waited on him.

    We headed up about 3:00, me to the shack and him to the back side of the hill. The wind was pounding the front side I was on and I wasn’t really expecting much tonight but my daughter and I had 9 deer around us last night, including two small bucks and a button buck.

    I was trying to sit still as best as possible while keeping an eye out of both the front and side windows. I was quite comfortable but a bit bored so I started checking in on today’s TGIF thread and giving some updates that FB was catching and responding to. A little after 4:00 a four point shows up that I start posting pictures of with some commentary. He’s oblivious and feeding hard for about a half hour. It starts getting to where the day’s about over when all at once he jerks his head up and stares down at the bottom of the field. I know something is down there but can’t see what he’s looking at. Next thing he’s busting out uphill away from whatever it is. I don’t mess around and get the gun out of the window. Up to that point I had it in with me just in case something showed from the side. It wasn’t a minute when this 8pt comes strolling up and across. I’m on him almost instantly but am second guessing whether to just shoot him or let him get closer. Something just clicks in my brain and I take the shot at the front edge of his left shoulder. He immediately drops on that side but seems to almost bounce back up, spin and take off at the same time.

    My first reaction is what just happened? Then I text my wife and the Kid before taking a minute to make a quick and slightly cryptic post on the TGIF thread before getting my stuff together. I head down to where the buck fell but there’s nothing to show a hit. I turn the way he ran and go about ten yards when I spot him laying against a stone wall about 30 yards away, stone dead. First thing is take a couple pics and text the wife and Kid again that I’ve got him. Then I post on TGIF again just because. About then the Kid walks up so we get a couple more pics before it gets too dark then he heads down to the house for the tractor while I take care of business.

    Because of the lousy weather I decided to take the Ruger American .270 Win with the Burris FF II and the Hornady American Whitetail ammo I’d sighted in with. The bullet entered on the front edge of the shoulder and apparently came unglued, the back of the same (left) shoulder is blown up plus there’s an exit hole on the opposite (right) side between the last rib and the hip. It’s no wonder he didn’t go far but I’m really second guessing using these. Interlocks have a reputation for being a tough cup and core bullet but with a small sample of three deer killed I don’t see where they’re anything special. Maybe we’re just shooting our deer too close.

    The only other hiccup was after finding the buck I went to eject the spent case and somehow the bolt rotated which prevented it from going back into battery. Most likely something I did but I’m not sure what happened. I popped the mag out and handed the rifle to the Kid to take with him and he figured out what was wrong. Just glad I didn’t need a quick follow up.

    Anyway, here he is just as he fell. Or apparently face planted.


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    YES!!!!! About time some of you jokers started whacking 'n stacking! He looks like he might have a whopper body, hard to tell from the pick but anyway congrats, well done.👍👍👍👍


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      Grip and grin the Kid took in fading light.

      Note the gloves and heavy neck gaiter.

      I did rattle can the Ruger stock a green color with a bit of black overspray to tone it down some. I like the looks but think I can do it over a little better. Next summer maybe.



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        Originally posted by dewman View Post
        YES!!!!! About time some of you jokers started whacking 'n stacking! He looks like he might have a whopper body, hard to tell from the pick but anyway congrats, well done.👍👍👍👍
        He’s not huge but a typical 2.5 year old for around here. Pretty good feed this year with all the rain we had. He’s definitely in rut and has hardly any fat. Got him skinned and hanging in the garage. Should stay about 35* in there so will let him hang a bit before breaking him down.

        I’ll try to remember to post entry and exit wound pics tomorrow. They ain’t pretty.


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          Now you know for sure one thing Fitch. The old saying you can't kill them from the couch and that you never know when a buck might show up aren't old wives tales. Felt I was the only guy after them, even though I knew that was bs and that PH, cd2 were getting out and Jimbo would be after them Monday. Still, way to put the 270 back into the Fitch270!
          Side note. The 7mm-08 ammo disappeared around here. My couple sources only have a box or 2 and it looks like very old stock. And they want, no kidding, $75 a box. Same for .243.


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            Did you have any history with that buck or was he a stranger? I'm still recouping my health getting ready for doe season December 4th. May dove hunt Saturday afternoon. Stay safe, get that son and daughter after them.


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              Congrats! That's a nice buck and a great retelling of the event. Thanks for including us by taking the time to describe


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                There's a great one for the old "Hunting Journal". It is SO great to sit here and read REAL hunting stories about real people and real, timely events! ....and to see pictures almost immediately.
                My world has been upside down since 2019 and I've pretty much unable to hunt. The 2022 season is looking much better.

                It's becoming more and more difficult to locate bullets that actually perform in an expected manner.
                I've got "some" Speer 90 gr Gold Dot bullets for my AR. I'm hoping they perform as well as the old Sierra 130 gr "Game King" bullets of yore.

                P.S. - why didn't you send me a picture BEFORE you shot him? LOL!
                Last edited by FirstBubba; 11-27-2021, 09:21 AM.


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                  FB, I’ve mentioned that someday messing with the phone/camera was going to bite me. Yesterday wasn’t it fortunately.


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                    Dewman; I’m not sure how much this one has been around but I’m guessing it’s the same deer I saw once or twice early on in archery season. I’m not sure if the two encounters I had then were the same buck either. We also had the one trail cam pic on opening day of one that ghosted by my daughter and I unseen. Odd thing is we still have very little buck sign up there. Just three small rubs that we’ve noticed. This guy has bark embedded in his antler bases so he’s been rubbing somewhere.

                    He tried being a 9pt but didn’t fully develop the crab claw at the end. The Kid is going to look back through pics to see if he can identify him, it would have been easy enough to miss if you weren’t looking for it.

                    If you get in a pinch with 7mm-08 ammo let me know.


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                      So apparently I misjudged the entry angle last night, with the hide on it looked like I hit him just in front of his left shoulder but skinned out and looking closer that’s not the case. The bullet cut across the shoulder before getting in just behind and exiting between the ribs and the right side ham. We’d trimmed off the bloodshot shoulder meat when we skinned him and I cut off the belly flank afterwards so there’s no exit wound to show. Based on the entry muscle damage the bullet did open before hitting anything solid, it looks like the only bone hit was ribs. Big hole but not as much meat loss as I thought last night. Still not sure I really care for these bullets overall.

                      It’s just 35* in the garage, I’ll take the inside tenders out later but going to let him hang until tomorrow otherwise. Hoping he’ll stretch out of rigor and tender up a little.



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                        Forgot to mention, my sister in law was at the house when I shot him so she called the taxidermy guy she works for part time to see if he wanted the cape. He said he’d take it so she did much of the skinning around the cape area. She does nice knife work, not one extra nick in the hide. Going to run it up to him shortly. The head isn’t caped so I’m not sure if I’ll get the skull back today or not. Plan on doing another Euro mount myself.


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                          Originally posted by fitch270 View Post
                          FB, I’ve mentioned that someday messing with the phone/camera was going to bite me. Yesterday wasn’t it fortunately.
                          I had discovered a ring tone on my phone that was a "chirping cricket". I was sitting in my blind, boringly watching a small opening in a big thicket when my phone "chirped". It was the wife. She was at work and had a break and wanted to talk to me about what we had planned for tomorrow.
                          Out of nowhere, a buck suddenly materialized in the middle of the opening.
                          "Let me call you right back, I've got to shoot a deer!"
                          "Okay." she said and hung up.
                          I hung up, put the phone in my pocket. Picked up my rifle, aimed and shot the deer.
                          The deer ran a small circle and laid down like he was bedding down and never moved.
                          I quickly reloaded the muzzle loader, pulled out my phone and called the wife.
                          "Fresh loin for supper when you get home?"
                          She was NOT disappointed! LOL!

                          Yes fitch270, I have missed getting a shot at a deer more than once because I wasn't paying attention or doing something inane!
                          The one that comes to mind is peeling the paper off a "Bit-O-Honey" when I looked up and saw a real honker of a buck simply step into a thicket! No idea how long he had been standing there!
                          Never saw him again!


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                            I think for the distance that is acceptable bullet performance. Kind of you on the ammo. I am good for this year. 👍 Enjoying your story much. Hope it pumps the Kid up and motivates him to keep at it. Again congrats.


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                              Weather and temps permitting, hanging a few days definitely improves taste and texture




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