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Shooting CVA scout pistol - winning ammo is......

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  • Shooting CVA scout pistol - winning ammo is......

    Deer Season XP copper impact.(Winchester) Their all copper rd. Shot better for me than regular deer season xp or Brownings 130 gr long range. Bummer as I liked the nickel plated Browning. Oh well. Used a Burris 2x scope and a Bushnell tr-25 and a Burris ff3. The scope would let me have deer taking capability at over 150 yds but for my hunting location and style it's just not fast enough to use given my eyesight. The Bushnell not significantly better as well. IMG_2553.JPG Not having aftermarket grips available is a downside as well because shooting this gun with the arthritis in my hand/wrist (left from my accident) has left me with a twisted painful right claw that I'm waiting to loosen back up. Maybe a brake? Stay safe fellas, there's animals running everywhere!
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    Im still debating a 6.5 Grendel G2 barrel.




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