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  • Shack #2

    Still need to put some finishing touches on it but we could hunt out of it right now. Spent last weekend piecing this together and getting it in place, then went up a few nights this week to work on buttoning it up. Used just about every bit of the salvaged lumber from the old decks, about all that’s left are a 5-6 short pieces of deck boards and some of the 4x4’s that held the side rails.

    Parked it about 25 yards from the first one in a better position to cover more of the meadow. Helps that it sits higher. We'll move the original tomorrow to a different spot, going to flop it onto an old log skidder tire and drag it behind the tractor, once it’s at the new location we’ll use the winch on the SxS to stand it back up. That’s the plan anyway.

    This one is 6’x6’, made it tall and deep enough to safely shoot a bow out of if we choose to. The entry door and window were left over from the hose project as well. Figured might as well use them. The main shooting window is 2’x4’ and set up like a vertical pocket door. It makes a bit more noise than I’d like opening it but not too bad. Shouldn’t be a problem. We picked up three deck chairs off a curbside that should work perfectly. They are metal with rubber strapping for the seat and back. Hopefully the cold won’t affect them, so far they are noiseless. Two in one shack and the other will replace a resin chair in the first that creaks terribly.

    The Kid already has the hang on stand in the same spot as last year. We’ll get a couple ladder stands set next weekend and wrap everything up. Other than that it’s just a waiting game from here on out. Be here before we know it.


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    Far out and groovy!
    I'm jealous! 😉 I haven't even started.
    I'm having a real problem with "siding". There is a collapsed house across the road. The new owner may allow me to strip some siding off of it.

    Looks good, sir!


    • #3
      Very nice, I like it! ... Better than most I've seen and plenty of interior room for two.


      • #4
        Thats no shack thats a cabin! LOL

        Air BnB stuff.

        Looks great!


        • #5
          Hopefully my daughter will make good use of it in about six weeks. Possibly my cousin as well during the crossbow season in November.

          Not sure how much I’ll actually use it but have a feeling a good number of tags will get punched over the years.


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            Looks real good. Tack on some local foilage and spray the inside opposite the windows with some flat camo paint. Should be a real meat market stand.
            T-Storm going by I am going to bed. Tired from today changing oil on one and Serpentine belt on my Jeep GC. the Jeep was done standing but the belt would not lay down. Should have warmed it up in some hot water. The BIL came to the rescue and we got it done. The Dodge Grand Caravan 3.6 v6 only had 6K since the last oil change and the filter was completely blocked. My high intensity light would not penetrate it. Never seen anything like it. I use 5w-20 Mobil i IMG_0800.JPG
            Last edited by jhjimbo; 09-15-2021, 12:30 AM.


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              Thanks Jim. I’m holding off on any paint or stain until next spring, don’t want to take a chance with odors affecting deer movement this close to the season. I did hang some burlap behind the actual window to serve as a curtain and may add more material inside. Just don’t want a nice infestation either.

              Might want to check your air filters, gack in the oil may be coming in through the intake.




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