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  • Wasn't thinking ahead

    Putting this here so as not to bury any of the few recent threads.

    Back to reloading talk, sort of.

    The New York Outdoor News is a biweeky paper that I have a subscription to, they keep up with all the State's political happenings involving NY sportsmen. This week's edition mentioned the possibility of non lead hunting ammo legislation popping up. There's been talk for a few years now but other than the DEC encouraging its use there hasn't been a real push. It's something I should have thought about when i was buying component bullets.

    I did pick up some 80gr Hornady GMX's for the .243, they were 2nd's that I found real cheap and bought two 50ct boxes so I can work up loads for them. My FiL also had a box of 150gr GMX bullets I can use for his .308 but I have nothing for the .270, 7mm-08 or .22-250. Short term I'll work with what I have with lead cores but if I find a load I like I don't think I'll do up a large batch as I'd intended. The cheaper stuff will be fine for practice but if the Nosler Partitions I bought are outlawed for hunting I'll be, umm, disappointed.

    I've been a fan of Ballistic Tips as well and have a decent inventory of those in factory form for the .270 and 7mm-08. I hate the idea of shooting up premium ammo for the brass but it might come down to that at some point. The other alternative is to sell or barter some of the factory ammo and lead bullets for mono's and brass. Right now I could easily sell what I have for a fair price but a bird in hand...... Problem is components aren't easy to come by and are at a premium when you do find them.

    The writing is on the wall and I'll need to deal with it.


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    Are you positive it's a done deal? Don't get ahead of yourself just yet. If it does happen, if, there's this guy in southeast Missouri who would be interested in the 7mm-08 ammo. If I seem unsavory, forgive me my friend.


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      Not helpful, but my thoughts are that the world is in severe Charlie-Foxtrot mode.


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        Yeah, sadly dewman.
        Between the libs and the hoarders, they've pretty much made reloading more expensive than factory ammo, why reload?

        I was on a blog where a guy asked if he was right or wrong marking a box of ammo he'd bought for $40 on the market for $150!
        Look, appropriate retail markup is +/-30%. When you start marking goods up nearly 300%, you're not selling a product, you're price gouging.
        If a buyer comes to you and offers $20 for something worth only $5, that's one thing. But when you purposely overprice.....? That's just wrong.

        Somebody, somewhere claimed to have found a case of large rifle primers. The seller was asking like $350!
        As he walked away, the sea harpies behind the table was screeching, "You'll be back when you can't find them anywhere else!"

        If we don't quit "gouging" each other, this will only get worse.
        I understand a seller making a profit, just don't make it all off of me.


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          Dewman; No, not a done deal but if not this year then likely within the next few. It's definitely something to keep in mind, bad as things are right now supply wise this would really cause problems. Flip side would be non compliance and enforcement issues. Especially on private land.

          I'll keep you in mind if things go sideways.

          Amflyer; Yep. I'm not sure what's more frightening, Orwell's 1984 becoming reality or 1984's Revenge of the Nerds.


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            FB; It's not really gouging if idiots are willing to pay ridiculous money for something they don't truly need, kinda like how auctions go. Generators down your way last week, different deal.


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              Originally posted by fitch270 View Post
              FB; It's not really gouging if idiots are willing to pay ridiculous money for something they don't truly need, kinda like how auctions go. Generators down your way last week, different deal.
              Don't disagree.
              "... A fool and his money are soon parted. ..."

              But these hoarders "know" by buying up all available stock, that desperate people will pay exorbitant prices for what they paid pennies (figuratively speaking!) for.
              When fellow shooters find good deals, then gouge other shooters, that's something else.
              I'd bet a dime to a rolling donut hole, the price gougers ARE fellow shooters.
              They already KNOW that ammo has value and even MORE value when scarce.
              Same with loading components.
              They're like a hoard of locusts, decending on Academy on ammo day. Devouring ammo at retail prices to peddle at gun shows and flea markets at inflated prices.
              There is a M&P in Wichita Falls, TX that does not allow "hoarders" to clean out their shelves. They are a bit higher than the big box and discount stores, but they ccx are looking more attractive! LOL!


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                I asked a lead bullet Company and they said as long as there is recycled lead we would be o.k. After that lead would come from China.

                There are no lead smelters in U.S. any more plus battery technology will be lead free soon.


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                  Probably the worst is the tax Biden people are tossing around.
                  I find about everything I need at flea markets I go to. Much is .25$ on the dollar.
                  Some of the people that want the big mark up are not even shooters. They just treat the ammo like any other product and price it based on supply and demand.
                  Last edited by jhjimbo; 02-21-2021, 07:45 AM.


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                    Originally posted by Amflyer View Post
                    Not helpful, but my thoughts are that the world is in severe Charlie-Foxtrot mode.
                    What is C-F ? never mind, I remember.
                    Last edited by jhjimbo; 02-21-2021, 07:37 AM.


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                      How many primers in a case? A box of 1000 went for $300 at auction locally.


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                        Originally posted by franchi20 View Post
                        How many primers in a case? A box of 1000 went for $300 at auction locally.
                        A "case lot" of primers is a box of 10 flats of 100 primers each. So yes, 1000 primers.
                        That's 30 cents each! Unbelievable!

                        When I started reloading, primers were a penny each!
                        One dollar a flat! Now they're $30/flat!

                        I'm not paying that. I've already paid $5.95/flat and thought I was getting robbed! LOL!
                        Last edited by FirstBubba; 02-21-2021, 10:13 AM.


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                          Two boxes of 120gr 7mm Barnes TTSX coming from Midway, ordered last night and had delivery confirmation this morning.


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                            I'm not a retail genius, or economically educated, but it seems to me that if ALL the retailers would put a 20 Rd/day center-fire, 100 Rd/day pistol and rimfire limit, people would stop hoarding.

                            In other words, make a little available to everyone, and then people stop freaking about it.

                            Same with primers. I buy them by the case too, but I would rather be able to pick up a couple of 100's rather than just not have them exist. My reloading store cut them down to 2000/per customer, but that didn't last long.

                            I mean, they are still going to sell. Just more slowly. MidwayUSA isn't doing anyone any favors, selling IMI die-cut 9mm for 1.20 per round. And I think customers should remember that.


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                              Fitch, I think you are using good judgement to start loading lead-free bullets. It looks like New York will follow California in that.

                              I've used full copper bullets in some of my firearms since the mid 90's and performance on game has been good. My all-copper for hunting hand-loads:

                              Barnes TAC-TX for the .300 Blackout
                              Barnes TTSX for the 6.5 CM (just purchased these)
                              Barnes TSX for the .308 Win and .30-06
                              Barnes TSX for the .45-70

                              Yes, they cost more but bullets are just a small fraction of the total cost of a hunt.

                              Choose Non-Lead Ammunition - NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation

                              High Tech Bullets and Slugs (

                              NYS Lead Bullets.JPG




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