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  • Do You Do Anything Else ?

    Sometimes when deer hunting I bird watch, practice my sling shot, take photo Binoculars 16X50.JPG s, listen to radio(ear buds)

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    When I'm on deer stand, or squirrels, I tune everything out but the woods. There are indeed birds to watch. Leaves falling fascinate me sometimes also. I can hear vehicles in the distance, other hunters firing as well. I talk to God, reminisce about other hunts long thought forgotten, think about my kids, my wife. Sometimes my mind goes blank and if the sun hits me right I take the best catnaps.


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      Originally posted by PigHunter
      I've played more with the phone this year and my inattention cost me a pig a few weeks ago. I'd set up an improvised ground blind behind a couple large trees and some pulled together brush. Got comfortable sitting in the chair and bored so started checking email, this site, the news, etc. It was too windy for me to hear the sounder approach from behind until the sow grunted not 15 paces away when she smelled me... It was too late by the time I stood and got my rifle aimed, they'd already made it into thick brush. Got to keep focused.

      In the past I've written poetry, watched birds, and taken photographs. I missed an opportunity at a buck once while taking a photo of an interesting beaver dam. The crossbow was leaning against a tree out of reach when the buck and doe came trotting up and stopped 20 yards away before running on, never knowing I was there... holding a camera...

      With my camera about to click
      The buck ran off quick
      I'd lost focus
      My hunt became bogus
      And was left just holding my d**k
      Did you ever wake up after dark ?


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        Hunting early mornings, I don't mess with my phone unless I get a call or text. The light blinds me in the dark.
        From the time I can see more than a few yards, I'm intent on what's happening outside the blind until the sun pops out. That's the most productive and interesting time to me.
        Birds coming alive.
        Night critters going home.
        Day critters coming out.
        After that, I just do whatever. I'll blog, e-mail, text, write in my journal, glass the area, eat my breakfast.
        ....and yeah pighunter, I've been caught with my "pants down" so to speak! LOL!


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          My dad told me one time, "Don't go to sleep in the woods." He just never told me why.

          I was working a swing shift.
          one day 7a-3p
          two days 3p-11p
          two days 11p-7a
          I got off Thursday at 7am and my two off days were exactly 48 hours. I went back at 7a Saturday.

          After sleeping Thursday, I drove to the lease and crawled into a box blind. As it turned out, thank goodness.
          I hadn't been sitting there very long before my tired caught up with me. I just leaned my head back.
          That's all it took!
          When I came to, it was pitch black.
          No only that, my mind was totally blank! I had NO idea where I was, other than in the dark.
          Gathering my wits in the gloom, I began feeling around. My rifle was in my lap.
          "Well, I'm hunting and I'm at the lease."
          Then I began to feel around to try and figure out "where" I was on 500 acres.
          There were several "box" blinds. Each one a "custom" construction, so to speak.
          I began feeling for windows. The left window was small.
          "AHA! I'm in Charlie's "Hotel" stand."

          I knew the way back, but I had not figured on staying until dark so had not brought a light! Dummy!
          I eased back up the road until I reached my vehicle. About a quarter mile away.
          I didn't stray too far off course, feeling my way along in total darkness.
          It sure was a comfort to finally see (more like a blurb in the darkness!) my auto!

          I haven't pulled that stunt again.
          That was really spooky when I first woke up and realized I had no idea where I was.




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