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Wind direction matter when hunting near houses or roads?

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  • Wind direction matter when hunting near houses or roads?

    All, I have been pondering for some time about how strict I should really be with wind direction. I have a very strick scent control regime to minimize scent around stands and on the walk in. I have a road about 250 yards from my stands where people walk frequently. Also there is a house within 300 yards with kids playing in the yard every evening. The wind typically blows from the house area into my wooded parcel. What are you experiences with these senarios? Right now I try and only hunt the correct wind, which is from the west towards the east. There arent too many days where im off work, its a good time of the season plus the wind is blowing from an uncommon direction. When I have had deer downwind, they dont seem too concerned.

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    Norbetow, I would be of the feeling that the strength of scent is the most important issue. With the fact that there is human scent in the area at all times due to the close proximity of the road, houses and children playing within 300 yards, the deer have become used to scent from a certain distance (thus the strength of scent) and have adapted that to their issue of alarm. Scent that is stronger than what they are accustomed to would be a factor, jmo ! Deer adjust to their surroundings just as humans do !


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      Scent, like ground stands and noises, can be confusing sometimes because different deer react to things out of place to different degrees. Young deer seem better able to tolerate the non normal than more mature deer, either bucks or does. Don't let the young ones fool you, unless age doesn't matter and meat is meat, mature deer will start avoiding your setup fast if you ignore the basics of scent control. My 2 cents




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