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Will a spike with branching spurs behind the "main beam" become anything else?

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  • Will a spike with branching spurs behind the "main beam" become anything else?

    I have three spikes on my property on the regular. One has been through for three years now. He appears very full-bodied and healthy, but this year I noticed two 1-2" spurs protruding from the antler base behind the main beam. The main spikes are about 12" long. Will he ever be more than this?

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    Being 3 years old I doubt he will ever be much more. Any chance you've gotten any pictures of him? I'd like to see em if you do. Spikes rarely go above the ears where I live/hunt.


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      Nope! "Choot 'im!"
      If the spikes aren't over 4 or 5 inches long, he's probably just a yearling.
      If his spikes are over 4 or 5 inches, more than likely he's an oldtimer in decline. They need to be culled also.
      As a buck begins to decline, so does the quality of their DNA.
      It's where raghorns and runts come from.

      Most spikes are first year bucks.
      If a buck grows spikes the second year, "Choot 'im!", he'll never be much more than a spike or just a "rag horn".

      The consensus at one time was, "Once a spike, always a spike.".
      That proved to be untrue.
      Yes, give a spike a chance to grow.
      If you "know" he was a spike last year....? Well, you know the routine!


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        As other said Choot im. Ya don't want him as a breeder, a 2.5 Spike in my neck of the woods is a fork horn or young 4pt. Not a shooter buck yet!!




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