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Have you ever had to wait for daylight to find your stand,have you ever tried landscape lights to show the way?

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  • Have you ever had to wait for daylight to find your stand,have you ever tried landscape lights to show the way?


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    I have had to search a little for a stand but never tried a light on it.


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      I found it took too many extention cords and besides, the damn deer kept disconnecting them so I couldn't find my way. Deer are not very trustworthy and really don't play fair!


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        I wear a GPS on my wrist. Getting lost in the dark never happens to me. Sometimes it does get challenging finding the canoe pulled up into the saw grass since everything looks the same at night in the swamp. So, I use the clip-on orange reflectors to mark the spot.


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          I twice recall giving up and sitting still to wait for light.
          One was a buddy's stand I'd been to once in a place I wasn't as familiar with as I could be. I knew I was within a 100 yards but there were a lot of branching trails and couldn't get a good fix til it was light to narrow it down.

          Another was a stand I'd never hunted on a mountain I knew, but in a hollow I didn't, and was set by a family member who advised me to try it mid season. I literally got a "If you start down the old fire road and turn right where the cast iron pipe is slightly breaching out of the mud, then cut down hill til the tall cliff on your left.... 1.5 miles of walking directions. Figured it was a lost cause, but I was game. It was public land and I didn't want to make too much ruckus and be shining lights all over. So I got to a point that "felt" right, didn't see it easily with a shielded light. Took a seat with my back against a tree. When it was light enough to see I stood up and turned around and was amazed to see the stand about 30 yards away.

          I have considered the little remote flashing lights they sell that'll work within a 100 yards or so. Seems like it'd be perfect.


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            Yes. I'll admit to being turned around in the dark enough times that I had to wait until it was a little lighter to find my blind. Embarrassing. I feel like a complete fool when it happens. Like I seriously hurt my chances at getting a deer.

            I don't use landscape lights, I use reflectors.




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