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    Originally posted by jcarlin View Post
    Yeah.. I don't want it to be illegal. I just want people to be ridiculed when they brag about it re big game.
    I've never done one, but canned pheasant hunts are pretty popular. Bird hunting isn't big here in SE PA, but the guys who do it get a lot of game farm pheasants under their dogs noses to keep them primed. That's never struck me as wrong. Is there a difference?

    I do agree that with ungulates its the transport that has caused the trouble... but even then. It speeds up the spread, but by how much? Young bucks can really get moving once its time to stake out new territory.
    I don't know if it originated, but I thought it was first discovered at one of the university biology departments. I'm doing this off the top of my head without googling, but I think that they quickly established that no matter what cleanup protocol they used in between, everything in pen #x developed this syndrome and died. First case in PA was game farm related.


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      After reading CWD article OUTDOOR LIFE, it sounds like it may have been caused by a research facility ,maybe game farms have a tendency to concentrate its availability. to wild herds but yet to be proven,Read full lenght article ,Personally I haven"t any use for canned hunts or deer farms,but I don't won't to undermine another mans ability to his affairs,whether its Deer Urine collection,or allowing some one to shoot his surplus animals.




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