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Scent masking with that of other animals

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    Originally posted by Kody View Post
    Sorry that I did not respond earlier fellow as work tends to entervene upon
    leisure time. Thank you for taking the time to makes these comments. I enjoy having responses from across the country.. across the continent in fact as I am from Canada. That would be the country to your North who do not require a wall to be built to keep us our. Heck, we are to busy visiting Disney Land and the sunshine states in our cold winter months to be denied. We don't crawl under fences we come by plane and RV with our wallets filled. You are equally welcome to come North to hunt and see our magnificnent parks and hunt in wilderness country. I will hunt our big game but I would suffer big time to be denied turkey hunting in Wisconsin
    Kody, I am sure that the true answer to this will come from our expert on scent control and masking, that being 6p. If you have been following his posts lately, you will know of what I speak. If he does answer, you may have to have it translated into English in order to understand it but it may be worth the effort, if only for a few chuckles !!




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