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Does the quality of duck and goose decoys really matter. Is it worth the more money to buy the flocked heads and motion stakes c

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  • Does the quality of duck and goose decoys really matter. Is it worth the more money to buy the flocked heads and motion stakes c

    Does the quality of duck and goose decoys really matter. Is it worth the more money to buy the flocked heads and motion stakes compared to cheap shell decoys.

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    I haven't done much goose hunting but duck hunting I have. I beleive that the more realistic the better. Motion decoys seem to work better early in the season but start to flare ducks later in the season depending on hunting pressure. Make sure your motion decoy has a remote control so you can turn it off if you see ducks starting to flare from it. Sometimes I will also try moving it a little farther away from my spread. I have noticed a lot of ducks seem to dislike motion decoys on lakes where they get a lot of hunting pressure but I have had great success with them in flooded timber off of the Sabine river bottoms in Texas. That's another thing.....hunting in Texas can be tough at times because ducks have seen every spread and heard every duck call on their long journey down here. Hope this helps. Bust some ducks.


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      To elaborate a bit, I would say it can be extremely beneficial to have motion decoys and some full bodies in your bag. Waterfoul will change their mind by the day as to what they like and what will have them second guessing any spread. In my experience, a motion decoy or two in the spread has always brought them closer. This goes for ducks and geese, land and water. At the same time, there might be a day when you gotta take down those motion decoys because the birds aren't having any part of it. When you're out hunting just try to pay attention to the birds.. If they look like they're really looking for a place to land, and while they're far away it appears they love what you have set out, then they get just out of gun range and scatter... something's not right with your spread. change something up.. Experience will bag you hundreds of birds that even the best decoy couldn't. Hit the field and learn from mistakes. Have fun!


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        ive killed hundreds of geese over bigfoot goose decoys they are the best and now they sell goose shells the most important thing though is concealment brush out your blinds well and get where the geese want to be and you will be successful




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