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    At work today I was given this hand made slate call from one of my accounts. He’s a retired butcher, outdoorsman and former baseball coach. He also used to do some woodworking and recently has picked it back up as a hobby, one of the things he’s making are these calls. He buys the slates and sound boards pre made but builds the pots and pegs from scratch. It sounds great. He sells a few here and there.

    We chat a little when we run into each other and generally share a quick couple stories. No surprise he hears about the Kid and my daughter a fair bit. The Kid was eyeballing it on the table after I got home. Of course he had to try it out. I think I may have to hide this one.


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    Very nice.


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      WHEN I can get out and turkey hunt, I carry a slate and a wingbone. Occasionally, I'll carry a box call, but it's so big and bulky, I seldom carry it.

      Look's good fitch270!




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