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how do you prepare a wild turkey for roasting?

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  • how do you prepare a wild turkey for roasting?

    how do you prepare a wild turkey for roasting?

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    How specific of an answer would you like? From the second it is killed? If there is anything specific you need help with that I do not address just let me know.
    -The cooking portion is very similar to a store bought bird. Wild turkeys have very little fat, so you will need to make sure to keep it moist.
    -First decide if you want the skin on or skin off. It is easier to just skin the bird(I assume you would know how to do this, but if not let me know and I can expand on it). If you want to leave the skin on you will have to pluck the feathers and get rid of the pin feathers afterwords. If you have a big enough pot dump the turkey into boiling water(hold the turkey by the legs and put it in head first) for around 30 seconds and it will make plucking much easier. You can pluck the feathers without dumping it into the water, but it will be a much more challenging task. You will then have to get rid of the pin feathers by singing them. You need to have some sort of flame(I use a grill lighter) to singe these feathers off(It takes very little time for each feather but there is quite a few of them).
    -After you either skin or pluck the turkey you will need to gut it. Cut from just above the vent/anus up towards the breast bone until your hand can fit in. Then cut through the skin around the vent and pull everything out and then rinse it out. Next break/pop the knee at the joint and cut each one off. Next cut the head off(up to you if you want the neck or not).


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      Good advice from JM. I have found that the skin on a wild turkey isn't fatty enough to keep it very moist so it's really not worth the work to pluck them. I'll just generally replace the skin with bacon before cooking. Also, the older birds have very tough legs and thighs, so they should be cooked low and slow and with some moisture to make them tender. I usually crock pot them and cook the breast separately.


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        They are easy to roast. Leave the skin on for more moisture. I usually cut the drumsticks off and cook them separately, as 4everAutumn suggested, and the same with the two outer joints of the wings.

        If you have a "turkey cannon" your troubles are over. (Everybody should have one.) Otherwise, put the turkey, breast up, (I have used skewers to help hold it in place) in a cooking pan, pour a can of beer into the body cavity and into the pan. Seal the pan with a tent of foil and cook for the same time you would for a store-bought turkey of the same weight. You may want to take off the foil tent for the last 30-45 minutes to let the bird brown a little. It doesn't seem possible that something this simple could taste so great, but it does. Bon apetit.




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