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There is a person that was featured in the paper out of Des Moines, IA this past Sunday. He has patented a hollow strutting turk

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  • There is a person that was featured in the paper out of Des Moines, IA this past Sunday. He has patented a hollow strutting turk

    There is a person that was featured in the paper out of Des Moines, IA this past Sunday. He has patented a hollow strutting turkey decoy big enough to crawl behind and stalk up on turkeys he sees in the field. He has videos out that show aggressive toms coming at him to be shot at close range. I would like to read comments or thoughts from my fellow OL members on such a decoy and hunting tactic.

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    Where can I find the videos?
    -Prior to watching the videos it sounds like a death wish to me. Too many people shoot first and ask questions later.


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      I don't get the Register, so I hadn't heard about that.
      I guess if you were hunting on private land, and you were sure that nobody else was around (as sure as you ever can be anyway), then it might be a novel and effective tactic. But anywhere else, and on public land especially, it seems downright suicidal.
      Also, I would question the practicality of it, how would you carry something that large, unless it collapses into a much smaller size for transportation.
      I for one won't be buying one...


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        I agree with you guys on the danger of such a tactic. I would never do it because of the safety issues alone. Reminds me of a time a friend was on a crawling stalk while carrying a decoy. (Stupid thing to do, in my opinion.) The turkey saw the decoy "walking" beside him and came running. My friend was thoroughly convinced that the next big decoy idea would be one hunters could wear as a hat!
        Not that I want this guy to have any more hits, but his videos are "Man vs. Turkey" on youtube. The videos turned me off in a hurry. Just because something works doesn't mean it's a good idea.


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          Too many hunters have itchy trigger fingers. I wouldn't use one of those on a bet...!!

          Once a hunter spots you as a's all over...for you, anyway.

          Got enough hunters out there now that will fire at a 'gobble'. Wait until they see you in your 'turkey suit'...!! Forget it.




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