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I hear of a lot of people who swear up and down that turkey hunting is the best. I have never done it to be honest, and have be

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  • I hear of a lot of people who swear up and down that turkey hunting is the best. I have never done it to be honest, and have be

    I hear of a lot of people who swear up and down that turkey hunting is the best. I have never done it to be honest, and have been thinking about getting into it, why is this hunting so much fun to a lot of people. What is it about hunting turkey that gets you adicted to it?

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    the reason why i think is that hcalling to that big jake or tom over that hill really get ur ardrenlein bumping and hereing it call back a little more actoin than deer hunting


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      Glorified, I'm not sure how to answer your question, simply. Because there are so many. You get to get out in alot better weather. The adrenalin pumping that yung mentioned among other things. Please do yourself a favor and give it a try, go with a buddy who has some experience in this helps to cut down on the learning curve and gives you someone to enjoy the time with. Good luck!! and good hunting. Oh by the way there are 4 types to chase too !!!!


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        Thank you guys for answering this question, I have made up my mind and its about time I do something new, see I used to hunt elk in Bow Season and Deer in Rifle season, well this is going to add just another chance for me to be lucky and be in the wilderness. Thanks again


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          It's warm, the woods is greening up, and not much beats the sound of gobbler double and triple gobbling as he comes in to your calls. It gets into your blood and your hooked.


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            There's something about talking to an awakening tom, listening to him respond with that big, lusty gobble. See him strutting, showing off for the "lady" he thinks is teasing him. Can't describe the feeling when he sneaks in behind you & cuts loose 5 yards from your head or hear him spit & drum. It's knowing that I outfoxed him at his own game & got him to come inside 40 yards thinking he has found the love of his life or at least the love of his next few minutes.

            There is also hearing the spring woods awakening, the song birds clearing their throats in preperation for the full chorus that will soon start. The smell of the woods, newly sprouting plants & trees, deer slipping past in the early morning light. Many mornings I have sat in the woods & literally watched leaves opening & plants pop up showing their colors.

            Besides that, it's a heckuva lot warmer between March & May then it is in the middle of winter in a duck/goose blind.




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