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Ok ive been deer hunting forever and have several nice bucks to show for it including a 170 class 9 pointer. However I have been

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  • Ok ive been deer hunting forever and have several nice bucks to show for it including a 170 class 9 pointer. However I have been

    Ok ive been deer hunting forever and have several nice bucks to show for it including a 170 class 9 pointer. However I have been looking for another type of hunting to get into because the area I now live in London, Ky is nit the best for deer. I have seen a lot of turkey more than ive seen deer here lately and there just on the side of the road. I have leased a farm for deer but at 2 and a half hours away it a long drive. I only bow hunt I do gun hunt occasionaly but I love the challenge of a bow. Here is my question how do I find a spot were turkey are or how to scout them and should I hunt from stand or ground. Ill be completely new to this so any advice is welcome

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    Since I can't see the land you are speaking about it is kind of hard to help. Turkey hunting is a learning process, just like deer hunting. Look for white poop on leaves(if there is a bunch at the base of a tree it probably means a turkey roosted there), places where they have been tearing up the ground looking for food, or feathers. You could hunt them from a stand I suppose, but everyone I know including myself hunt them on the ground(we do quite a bit of moving around).


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      You will just need to get out there and look around. Turkeys can make a lot of racket coming off the roost early in the morning and then roosting up in the evening. By the way, you could also check out the hog hunting in your area.


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        As far as the scouting goes, just go out and walk the woods and fields, if there are any, looking for places where they've scratched the ground duff away looking for food, and for droppings (just google turkey droppings if you don't know what they look like). Beyond that, going out pre-dawn in April and May and listening for gobbling from the roost is my favorite way of patterning turkeys.
        I know you said you like the challenge of hunting with a bow, but if you've never turkey hunted at all before, may I suggest going with a gun until you get your feet wet, bowhunting for turkeys might be a bit TOO much of a challenge for a rookie hunter. And DO NOT try hunting from a treestand, they are much more conditioned to look up for danger than deer are, and pick you out of the sky with ease if you so much as twitch.


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          I am not a good turkey hunter, i see turkey when deer hunting and see deer when turkey hunting. The very early and at dusk scouting is a good place to start. Listen for the location of the roost and then set up in the general area the next day. When they come out of the tree in the AM they sound like a flutter to the ground. A crow call in AM will get them excited.
          The hard part for me is to sit absolutely still - they can see the slightest movement.
          Final safety thought - DO NOT stalk a gobble sound. It could be another hunter calling and is a good way to get shot.
          Good luck and happy hunting.


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            Months before turkey hunting season you can throw bird seed or corn down on the ground. Set up a couple trail cameras around the bait pile. Come back in two or three weeks and check out the trail cam photos. You will see close ups of fat tom turkeys, with their beard and spur length size. Check with your Fish and Wildlife Department and make sure its legal to bait before the season. You do not need to bait during the season, just call them in with your turkey call.


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              I hunt mostly public ground, very large tracts, and prefer the run and gun approach. If I lose a battle of wits with the gobbler (not an uncommon occurrence), I'll just remember the location and try again another day, in another way.




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