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The big bluegill bream are on the bed and the turkeys are gobbling with the hens mostly on the nest. Life is good here in south

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  • The big bluegill bream are on the bed and the turkeys are gobbling with the hens mostly on the nest. Life is good here in south

    The big bluegill bream are on the bed and the turkeys are gobbling with the hens mostly on the nest. Life is good here in southwest Alabama. How is it in your neck of the woods?

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    My little cousins came down today and left with a basket full of fish. I tried my hands at calling in a turkey this morning and got one to come within 40 yards. Spring turkey hunting starts on Monday, I'm ready =].


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      Yep, pretty much the same here, turkey season opens Monday here too, and I'm definitely ready to go. The crazy weather's made it so that the woods look like the end of May, instead of the middle of April, so it might be a weird season though.
      The fishing's good here too, went after some trout yesterday and caught a limit, mostly brookies. I can already taste that smoked "salmon"!


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        The spring turkey season started this past saturday for me, had a hen come into one of my calls. The bass are starting to spawn here as well making the next month very busy for me in the outdoor world. GOD I love the spring!!!!


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          If I wanted to talk about turkey hunting, I would have brought it up,,,, (Have you kilt anymore Piney?)


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            Piney, I caught a large gaff top at the Big Mouth early yesterday morning and soaked it in beer over night. When fried up today it feed six people and everyone was happy. We had fresh smoked boar for Easter that was killed the Saturday before. I boiled up a nice pot of crawfish this past Friday that I trapped out of a local pond, so the the outdoors has been very, very good to me lately. The only thing so far for me that has not been doing good is the crabbing but I have just put out a few traps today anyway. So overall, southeat Alabama isn't too bad either.


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              Res, I've had a good season so far. I killed another tom late in the afternoon on Easter Sunday, then two days later went to Tennessee and killed one there, also a late afternoon walk-on. The morning gobbling birds continue to add to the list of the 94,197 things that can go wrong on a turkey hunt. The woods are getting so thick that I'm about ready to hang it up for the year. This morning a four foot copperhead gave me a bunch more gray hairs when I didn't see him until I was a little too close for comfort. He died from being beaten around the head and neck with a sweetgum sapling.

              I hope your season gets better---this front that's coming through right now has retarded gobbling. I've heard more in the afternoon than in the morning. Found a turkey egg today where something had broken up a nest.

              Santa, I've never eaten gafftop catfish, but always have heard they're pretty good. I fried up a mess of bream that I caught on the fly rod the other day and they sure were sweet. To feed six people, that one you caught must have been a Kodak fish.


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                Biggest I have ever caught at the sea wall there at the big Mouth. I had to walk it around to the boat ramps to drag it up. I was fishing for white trout and was not prepared for a fish that large. I went back to the sea wall since my last post and had five crabs in the traps that were at least 5" ot larger keepers. There were at least a dozen more that were smaller and a few of them may have met the 4.5" limit, but I threw all of the ones less than 5" back anyway. It started raining and I pulled up stakes and came home. But tomorrow is another day and while the gafftops are running, I will be try to enjoy catching a few.


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                  You boys make me long for home down in south Alabama, Santa you and Piney are living the good life. Tennessee turkey are different, my youngest son kilt his first one in w. Tennessee, close to Clifton. It was a stud, 1 3/8" spurs, 24 pounds and gobbled like he meant it, right up to the point he got shot.




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