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Okay so me and my brother are going to be hunting for spring(shotgun)turkey for the first time this spring...So I guess in other

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  • Okay so me and my brother are going to be hunting for spring(shotgun)turkey for the first time this spring...So I guess in other

    Okay so me and my brother are going to be hunting for spring(shotgun)turkey for the first time this spring...So I guess in other words we are beginner turkey hunters. ANY information will help, especially info to do with decoys(are they worth it) and calls, like which one to buy, or when to call,etc.

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    -As a general rule I attempt to get between where the turkeys are roosting and where I can hear them gobbling.
    -On real windy days I often do more walking though, but generally I sit down and call as soon as I hear a turkey gobble(I usually stop and call every 100-200 yards while walking).
    -Focus on camoflauge. Turkeys wont be able to smell you, but if they see even the slightest movement they will be gone. I would say to buy only one call and get good with it instead of buying multiple calls(I suppose you and your brother could each buy a different one though). I would suggest that atleast one of you start with a slate call, it is generally the easiest to use. I wouldnt bother using a decoy, but I am sure a lot of people will suggest that you do.


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      Not sure what I did, but for some reason most of my post got deleted. I don't have time to re-type it all right now, but I will as soon as I have the time.


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        Buy Tom Kelley's book, "A Fork In The Road" which is for beginning turkey hunters and has tons of good info, even a DVD to help you out.


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          I would suggest to start out with a slate and a box call. The slate will generally give you finer sounds as the box call will reach out more. Also start with one feeding hen decoy. Just my thoughts.

          Most important**
          Find out where they are roosting. This will give you a chance to formulate a game plan and can be setup before flydown in the morning.

          Don't over call them. Be subtle about it.


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            JM and cjohnsrud have covered it pretty well, but I would add a couple things.
            1) Buy a good, cheap ground blind. I know that some people dislike blinds because of their bulkiness and feel that they limit where you can set up. But I think that for a newbie, the advantages (don't have to worry about movement virtually at all, not as much worry about sound, and just an all-around more relaxed hunt.) outweigh the negatives.
            2) Scout your hunting spot thoroughly. As in real estate, with hunting it's location, location, location. If you can find where they are roosting, and where they are feeding, and then set up in between, it makes calling/decoying them in MUCH easier.
            I would say that a decoy or two is probably helpful, but they're not necessary, and for a beginner it might be best to keep it simple. I would recommend you get good with at least a couple of different calls though; you never know what the turkeys are going to like.
            Good luck!


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              Learn the art of patience and learn the woods. With these two conquered, folks who call as bad as I do can kill turkeys. Forget the blind, those are for turkey shooters, not turkey hunters and I am not a big fan of decoys, but they may work for you.
              The places I try to set up will have the turkey in range before he can see where the calling is coming from.
              Good luck, if you screw up, the turkeys will point out your errors to you, they are really good teachers,,,


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                Turkey decoys are definitely good to have. I killed my first turkey last spring and the jake definitely wouldn't of come in without it. I like the h.s. strut diaphragm calls the best.




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