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So there are alot of new turkey calls and decoys on the market that come out every year. Which ones do you guys think are at the

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  • So there are alot of new turkey calls and decoys on the market that come out every year. Which ones do you guys think are at the

    So there are alot of new turkey calls and decoys on the market that come out every year. Which ones do you guys think are at the top of the list this year? Foxhunter18

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    I don't use decoys, so I can't help you there, but I think there is a lot of re-naming old callers or putting a new coat of paint on them, so to speak. There are so many there's no way I'm going to spend my money to try them out when I already know what callers work just fine.

    I do wish there were some way to try out diaphragm calls, but I wouldn't want to buy one that somebody had tried before me.

    I'm not sure if it's a new call, but I tried the Woodhaven Cherry Classic Crystal pot call and it's the sweetest sounding thing I've tried, ever, but it costs $90.00, so it's still at the store.


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      My favourite decoy this year is the Zink Avian X because there so realistic but are a bit on the heavy side.


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        There are lots of products that come to market every year.....everyone likes to look at all the new decoys...calls of the pre hunt ritual. Having a good understanding of the bird and it's habitat....the inertia of the breeding season as it unfolds are perhaps the best tools to take to the spring woods.


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          I can't really answer you question because I don't pay any attention to the new gimmicks that come out each year. Most of the changes are designed to attract hunters, not turkeys (like fishing lures attract more fishermen than fish). If you want something "new" go with last years model--marked down 40% to make room on the shelf for this year's useless "improvement" on the 100 year old gadjet that works better than the new model. Hope this helps--if you listen to me, at least you'll save some money.


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            Big Red, I agree with you. Those decoys are extremely realistic. A little pricey though.


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              I agree with seadog but my personal favorite is the standard Gander Mountain hen and jake decoys. A lone hen works best and either the hen or jake can both be bought for the great price of $15. My favorite call is the Slate Hammer from Knight and Hale and that is $20. I too try to fidn the cheapest stuff possible and I think these would be your best bets. Remember, It's not the gear that makes the hunter. Good huntin'




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