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Thanks to my youngest daughter I am a new subscriber to your magazine-We absolutely love it! I am new to hunting all around. I

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  • Thanks to my youngest daughter I am a new subscriber to your magazine-We absolutely love it! I am new to hunting all around. I

    Thanks to my youngest daughter I am a new subscriber to your magazine-We absolutely love it! I am new to hunting all around. I am looking forward to both my daughters joining me when they reach the proper age. I have been successful in the past 2 years Deer Hunting but this will be my first year turkey hunting. Now for the question: On all the hunting shows and many articles I read, hunters seem to be set up on the edge of a field. I do not have an open area to hunt (just hardwoods- most trees 10-15feet apart). Can I be just as successful in the woods hunting turkeys?

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    Yes try and determine beforehand some potential sites that translate from heavy to lighter cover and clearings.Some preseason scouting might identify some travel corridors--when turkey season arrives the inertia of the breeding season will be in full swing--so expect-- anything --anytime--any direction--hunting the hardwoods will provide cover for you-try and find a tree that you can sit against with a big enough trunk to incorporate your outline.More concentration and patience is needed waiting for an incoming bird to move into what presents a clear unobstructed shooting opportunity.You can be just as successful in the woods as along an edge of a field-just recognize the parameters within each situation for what they are.


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      Well put ^^


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        Ya I agree with the above answers. One way I find to be productive is to sneak fairly close to where you think the turkeys are roosting about 45 min. before daylight and just sit and listen. More than likely that old tom will gobble shortly before he flys down off the roost. When he gobbles pinpoint his location and figure out where about he will fly down too and set up there and start calling.


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          All my turkey hunting has been done in the woods, and I called up my first gobbler fifty years ago. It's a thrill to hear one gobble, go to him and set up and call. Finding a good place to sit can be part of the challenge. Sitting in the edge of a field with decoys out just isn't turkey hunting to me. (I don't include areas where that's the ONLY way to hunt them---I'd be doing it too.)




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