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I can't stand wearing facemasks while hunting but people have told me that you need to hunt with one for turkeys because facepai

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  • I can't stand wearing facemasks while hunting but people have told me that you need to hunt with one for turkeys because facepai

    I can't stand wearing facemasks while hunting but people have told me that you need to hunt with one for turkeys because facepaint doesnt work. Is this true and if so why?

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    The Wild Turkey's eyesight is far greater than that of humans(8X-9X)-so your face exposed will present a problem-facepaint may work if it is designed not to reflect available light-springtime sunshine can be bright some days or fall for that matter as well.A little flash of reflected light can end a turkey hunt pretty quickly-wearing camo gloves helps and even your boots if wet can pose a problem-some hunters use a pine bough or dry grasses to cover their boots so there will no reflection when set up.


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      I don't like face masks either but I have found the turkey mesh ones to be not that uncomfortable.


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        OK, without knowing what the terrain you're hunting looks like, here is a basic face paint technique that you can modify. Do this with mirror or you will have gaps in paint.
        1) Get two colors of camo (army generally goes with dark green and olive green for wooded areas.)
        2) Apply dark color to high portions of the face and ears (bridge of nose, eyebrows, forehead, cheek bones, lips and jaw line). This should cover about 1/2 of your skin.
        3) Apply lighter green to low spots of face in created by darker color.
        4) After dark and light colors are applied and your face is fully covered (NO SKIN SHOWING), smudge the lines of dark and light paint so they merge together naturally. The colors should bleed into each other, not presenting a clear line when they meet, presenting a shadow effect.
        5) Go hunting and see if it works.

        Tips to applying manly make-up: If the paint is hard to smear across the face, heat it with a lighter and it will smear easier. If it still will not smear easily, apply baby oil or lotion to your face first (try to get odorless lotion... and a little bit goes a long way). Watch out for your face breaking out as paint sometimes clogs the pores.


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          Sew your headnet or netting material around the outside of your hat brim. I use a boonie hat. This keeps net contact with your face to a minimum and does more to breakup your human outline.
          Also you can follow The Captain's instructions for face paint he is right on.
          At times I use both.
          Turkeys have eysight like ours with 8 power binoculars and they see color. The chink in their sight - it is 2 dimensional which is why they have to head bob all the time to bring focus.


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            im thinkin because they cant see your face movements


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              Face paint works just fine. The Captain's application method sounds great---I've never taken that much care with the pattern. I prefer a face mask so that if I decide to go into town for a late breakfast I don't have to clean the paint off my face and reapply it when I go back for the mid-day hunt. As important is putting camo on you face is hiding your hands because they tend to be moved more than your face and can spook a gobbler at long distances. Gloves or paint work---gloves probably the best because the paint might wear off at an inconvenient time.




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