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I've been trying my hand at coyotes for the last few years and just can't get one in. What are the best calling techniques and s

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  • I've been trying my hand at coyotes for the last few years and just can't get one in. What are the best calling techniques and s

    I've been trying my hand at coyotes for the last few years and just can't get one in. What are the best calling techniques and stradegies on playing the weather that would help me get some dog pelts?

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    depending on state laws, baiting can be very effective. october to mid december i mostly use a prey in distress call, but after that when breeding season begins i have found that female invitation, and male challenge calls work better.
    the only other tips i can share is this,watch the wind, coyotes will instinctivly try to circle downwind of you to catch the scent of whatever it is your trying to represent with your calls (wounded game or another dog)and dont over call, too many beginers hit the field calling every 10 minutes... coyotes are one of the stealthiest north american animals. use calls sparingly, you want the coyote to search for the source of the call not have a dead on bead of where its coming from , cause they'll bust you 95% of the time.
    good luck, and good hunting


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      get the jack in the box a red light and a electronic preditor caller


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        all are good answers, best time is whenever the weather goes cold all of a sudden. They will be hunting to keep warm. For distress calls, try calling for about 20-30 sec. then wait 20-30 sec. Do this twice with about 4-5 min in between sets. After the second calling, pull up your rifle and get ready. They are on there way. Good luck!


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          Look for areas of thick brush. Asume there is a coyote bedding in the brush, especially in mid day. Keep in mind if you start to loud and he is close you may scare him out. Start quiet. A good beginner call is the cosed reed type. They sound good are user friendly but may freeze up on cold days. Get louder after about 5 or ten minutes. If there is low ground or cover on the down wind side try to get to where you can get a shot there, thats where he will come out. You should check out it is informative and fun Free videos if you click on the videos page free forums on the forum page!


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            i sit on a hill and glass for coyotes and when i find one i try to stalk in on them calling never seems to work for me ethier i wonder why?




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