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I’m looking at getting an AR for coyote hunting (although I’ve heard they’re hard to come by nowadays). What’s a good setup (gu

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  • I’m looking at getting an AR for coyote hunting (although I’ve heard they’re hard to come by nowadays). What’s a good setup (gu

    I’m looking at getting an AR for coyote hunting (although I’ve heard they’re hard to come by nowadays). What’s a good setup (gun, scope, caliber, etc.)? What does everyone on here use for coyotes? What are some good brands and models to look at for the gun and scope? I would like to keep it under $1500 for the gun and around $300 for the scope. I’ve done some research online and I think $1500 seems pretty realistic, although I may be wrong. Thanks in advance for your input!

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    -You picked a bad time to think about buying an AR type rifle haha. $1500 would usually be more than reasonable, but it will be a pain finding a rifle in stock. I think you would be better off letting all of this settle down a bit(It'll happen eventually...) or purchasing a bolt action.
    -I have always used a bolt-action for coyotes. Bolt action rifles tend to be more accurate and easier to take care off. There is nothing wrong with semi-auto rifles, but personally I do not think that there is any big advantage in most hunting situations.


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      I shoot a bolt action .223 that I got got at a gun show. Its sweet! I'm in the same boat you are, I want an AR-15 as well. I'm being patient, and waiting for the rush (and price) to come down.


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        Good luck finding one in stock. My brother-in-law ordered an AR early last fall, and the gun shop still hasn't gotten any in! So if you'll need it any time soon, I would get a bolt-action, I prefer them for just about every kind of hunting anyway.


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          I got a .223 Remington 700 sps varmint havnt shot a yote yet but ihave shot it enough to tell you its accurate. if you want to shoot them this upcoming mating season (FEBUARY IS THE MAIN TIME BUT ALSO LATE JANUARY AND EARLY MARCH ARE GOO AS WELL)I would buy a decent varmint rifle if you wanna get a actual yote gun or im surprised that no one has mentioned this yet but I got all the time when I was asking this same question well just a coyote gun but they kept sayin use the rifle you have in your hands or the most accurate in your safe. I don't know if you do a lot of coyote hunting or if your a newb but if you do calling either from a hand call or an electronic call right in your hand or next to you I woul STRONGLY recommend that you either carry a decent size pistol of a shotgun with buck shot to take down coyotes that come in from the back or come charging in to fast for your rifle. now if you are shooting 200+ yards get a .223 or up cal well put in the .204 if you completely wide open area. if your shooting 100- either use a high power rifire or a lever action or something in a pistol cartridge (.44mag .357mag etc.) if your shootin 60- yards use your 12ga with coyote shot by hevi shot or use a .22mag .22lr .17hmr etc. otherwise if you have a big game rifle and would like to spend your money on a better scope new winter camo clothing(if you life up north) calls decoys etc. you should be fine.




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