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Ruger American series just came out with a model in 22-250. I am a huge fan of Savage rifles. It looks like for around the same

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  • Ruger American series just came out with a model in 22-250. I am a huge fan of Savage rifles. It looks like for around the same

    Ruger American series just came out with a model in 22-250. I am a huge fan of Savage rifles. It looks like for around the same price, I would get alot more for my money with the Ruger American than a Savage Axis for a econimical rifle. Does anyone have any info or experience on the Ruger Americans to sell me which one I really should buy?

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    officerdom1987 I have never had a like in savage I don't know why maybe because the price tag is so low always it kind of scares me . now when I was up at cabelas getting my mosin nagant obviously I was holding all the used rifles. I saw a ruger American series (I think it was a 30-06)and the first thing I noticed was how light it was . maybe it seemed that light because of just holding a 9 pound gun but the ergonomics of it were ok I didn't really like the inserts I felt as if they were different but I wasn't wearing gloves or anything. but maybe if I were it would have felt better. don't get me wrong they weren't bad but they weren't the best I've held. but for function wise I have never hered anything bad and I have heard they are one of the best beginner rifles but I wouldn't mind taking it into the mountains. now correct me if im wrong but I thought I read some where that it has dual cocking cams. it also has a bedded stock which they call "power bedding." it apparently makes the barrel free floated. it has a rotary plastic magazine pretty close to the browning x-bolt magazine. it also has one of my favorite safeties. it is the top tang safety like on the browning a-bolt and x-bolt kind of like the Mossberg shotgun safeties too. but lastly on of my favorite things is that it has a trigger like the savage accutrigger.


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      As an entry level rifle I believe either would be a good choice. Six of one half a dozen of the other. Honestly, if I could I would try and scrape up enough cash to upgrade to one of the Savages with accutrigger and accustock.


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        Blake that was an excellent review of the American. Your last sentence is really pushing me towards it because of the trigger system like the accutrigger. I wish the axis could be upgraded to an accutrigger because then I would purchase it. Very well written though. Thank you.

        @DSM: I hear ya on looking for a Savage for a little more money with the accutrigger, problem is I have some expenses to worry about such as a wedding to pay for and economical way is the best way to support my firearm purchasing addiction. Gotta stay outta the doghouse while I still can!


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          I share your liking for Savage rifles, but I've heard the bargain-basement, non-Accutrigger models can be kind of...rough around the edges, for lack of a better phrase, so I think the Ruger might be more bang for the buck (no pun intended).
          BTW, congrats on the wedding officerdom.




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