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I run a trapline in a big timber area, and there is an old wily raccoon that has escaped from traps unscathed due to leaves clog

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  • I run a trapline in a big timber area, and there is an old wily raccoon that has escaped from traps unscathed due to leaves clog

    I run a trapline in a big timber area, and there is an old wily raccoon that has escaped from traps unscathed due to leaves clogging it. Any advice? Also, there are several fox, but ive only seen tracks so I dont know if they're red or gray. Whats a set thats good for both?

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    Probably your best bet for both would be the good old dirt hole set, but if the coon is educated, it might not work for him. I won't go into how to make a dirt hole here, if you don't know, just do a Youtube search for it, and some excellent how-to videos will come up.
    Otherwise, you could try snares (if legal), if there are well established small-game trails in the area, but if it's big timber, there might not be. You could also try cubby sets with #220 Conibears (again, where legal, and NEVER where domestic dogs or cats could get caught). They are very effective on coon, and sometimes work on foxes, grays especially.


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      -What kind of traps are you currently using?
      -There are some really good books out there that offer much more information so I suggest trying to find a few.


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        I would also recommend a dirt hole set. I would use a #1 3/4 or #2 coilspring and if your trap is clogging from leaves try running a piece of wax paper over the dog and back jaw, and under the loose jaw. then maybe carry some dry straw to cover the trap...often something out of place like that will attract fox or other critters. if the coon won't go all the way into the dirt hole, set a blind trap a foot or two back from the actual set where he comes up to look it over. good luck!


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          Tyler's thoughts on using waxed paper to keep your traps from clogging with leaves is a good one. Another alternative is a Baggie, for example. Also, using a trap with a larger jaw spread.

          His tips on other sets (dirt hole, for example) are also valid.

          The suggestion regarding cubbies guarded with #220s is also a good idea. CAUTION: different States have different regulations regarding Conibear sets on land.


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            Thanks guys.




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